Trump’s border wall: the lies, half-truths and myths, explained

Trump’s “big beautiful wall” is finally gaining momentum, but what exactly is this monstrosity going to look like, and who’s going to pay for it? (hint: it’s not Mexico)

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Remembering George A Romero, master of the undead

“Romero was more than his work, he was a great interviewee and storyteller, generous with his time and his standing in the film making community.”

Politics update: more leaked Brexit papers, withdrawal bill scrutiny begins

As more Brexit documents are leaked, the EU withdrawal bill faces the scrutiny of MPs ahead of next week’s vote.

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No Majesty Music Profiles: Savages

Savages singer Jehnny Beth claims that there is “no bullshit on stage”, and since their first gig in 2012, London’s Savages have been smashing stages all over the world.

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Ten of the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now

For those moments you’re scrolling and can’t seem to land on one of the infinite number of suitable programs in the Netflix roster.

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Minnow – Clapham – review

“This is how humans used to eat dinner before the invention of the “Small Plate”. You would eat a smaller portion of food, a “Starter”, and then follow it with a bigger portion of food, a “Main”. Crazy stuff.”

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“This is simple, beautiful cooking.” Todd Palmer reviews Covent Garden’s Terroirs wine bar

The art of the food fad: from Atkins to cider vinegar

Food fads, the healthy foods which are meant to change our lives, come and go every year. Have any of them stayed around? What fads are currently being thrown in our faces?


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