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Trump will expand the US military presence in Afghanistan

Donald Trump announced on Monday he is willing to commit to up to 4,000 more troops being sent to Afghanistan, saying the United States’ strategy will “change dramatically”. Donald Trump was pointedly critical of America’s foreign policy during his presidential campaign, especially with regard to


How has voter turnout changed in the UK?

When the day of the general election arrives on 8 June, how many people will turn up to vote?  Over one million young people have registered to vote since the election was called on 18 April. The often dramatic run up to this general election


Budget 2017: Key Points and the Fallout

Today marks the last spring budget before a revised structure of budgets comes into play, moving from a spring budget and Autumn statement, to a yearly Autumn budget. Ahead of this year’s Spring budget, the pound fell to a 7 year low, as markets anticipated a variety of outcomes,