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Moonlight – Review

In a previous review for an awards contender we called one film “the first perfect film of 2017”. Here we have the second. There is nothing in Barry Jenkins sensational Moonlight that is worth criticism, it’s all worthy of praise. But to give it it’s


Logan – Review

Comic book movies are a dime a dozen these days. This year alone sees the release of two DC movies, three Marvel Studios movies, and a live action manga/anime. But tucked away, right at the beginning of the year for people to miss if they


Oscars 2017 Recap

The oscars are officially over once again, and while there were some surprises in there, it’s nice to know that there were a couple of welcome not-surprises and welcome surprises thrown in over the night. From an entertainment stand point Kimmel did much better here


The Political Oscars and False Standards

The 89th Annual Academy Awards is on Sunday, did you know? And as such it’s time for political speeches to dominate what is, essentially, a group of pretenders saying well done to each other. As is always the case, there will be plenty of opportunities


John Wick: Chapter 2 – Review

When three years ago a totally unpredictable little movie came out with a boring name, a naff set up and a faltering star no one expected much. But stunt coordinator turned director Chad Stahelski —  under guidance from David Leitch — turned Derek Kolstad’s screenplay