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Manchester by the Sea – Review

Let’s not play coy, this film is a masterpiece. A work that completely reminds you why there is power in cinema. Kenneth Lonergan’s tour-de-force drama tells the story of Lee Chandler, who’s life is uprooted when his brother, Joe, dies leaving his nephew Patrick in


Unfair Casting! The Actors Who Might Play President Trump

Something orange this way comes; it’s Trump, of course, we’ve all been Trumped. This year sees President-defect and all round pussy grabber extraordinaire Donald J Trump (the J stands for Asshole, by the way), about to turn the White House into the exclusively white house (though


La La Land – Review

The modern movie musical is a tough nut to crack, for every Evita there’s a Chicago, every Mamma Mia! there’s a Sweeney Todd, for every Les Miserables there’s a Nine. The movie musical is a hot property when award season comes around, and in recent