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Politics Update: Speeding up Brexit, Hammond’s Tax Raid

Accelerating Brexit Negotiations Theresa May and President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker have both agreed to ‘speed up’ Brexit negotiations, after a dinner with Juncker and EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier held in Brussels on Monday. Theresa May and David Davis flew to


Millennials take the wheel: politics for the GIF generation

The term ‘millennial’ is bandied around on a daily basis, having started with the media, before finding its way into our vocabulary. Synonymous with twenty-somethings, millennials are the cohort who grew up on the cusp of the digital era but who were privy to a

How Long Theresa May PM Have Left

How long does Theresa May have left?

With her party’s power significantly reduced in the commons, and a series of publicity disasters in her wake, can May really survive as Conservative leader until the next general election? The June 2017 general election left the Conservative party without a parliamentary majority, with a


Politics Update: Conference News, Tory Infighting, Brexit Delays

Nothing New from Mr Hammond Philip Hammond’s speech left little impression on Monday, where the chancellor revealed no new plans, and instead focused on attacking Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour party’s economic record. Comparing the Labour leader’s policies to those seen in Cuba, Venezuela and


Kim Jong-un: Inside the mind of a young dictator

Kim Jong-un is the man currently regarded as joint favourite to start world war three, alongside the equally egotistical maniac in the White House. Yet, despite North Korea’s vow to obliterate the United States of America, the ‘Kim dynasty’, three generations of dictatorship since the


Trump’s border wall: the lies, half-truths and myths, explained

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a plethora of promises, some of which, whilst seeming unachievable, led him right into the heart of the American voter. On some of these promises, progress has been swift. The coal industry is currently seeing the improvement it


Politics Update: No Brexit Satisfaction, Shock Labour Resignation

Divorce talks struggle on European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker today stated that none of the Brexit papers published by the British government recently give him “any real satisfaction.” As the third round of talks began on Tuesday, Juncker criticised the papers produced by the government,