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This Month in Trump’s America

Keith Mooney is a fulltime student/writer living in Northeast Ohio. He lives in an area where Barack Obama won the majority vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections, and Donald Trump has just won by a landslide.                


New Year, New Jeremy

The year 2017 will have to be one of unity for the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has been behind the curve in recent polls, consistently trailing Theresa May by double-digit margins. Before Corbyn focuses on becoming Prime Minister, he must be able to unite his


What is it with Corporate Crime?

That the President Elect’s de facto admission of fraud in agreeing a £20 million+ payout in the so called Trump University settlement on November 18th received minimal press coverage is probably not surprising given the litany of ludicrous and dangerous public pronouncements of his election


How The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Became Reality

Deliberately blurring critical distinctions, whilst appearing to be open and straightforward, is one of the right wing populist’s most potent weapons. Populist demagogues in the age of anti-establishment anger have ruthlessly exploited the language around ‘elites’ to great effect. Riding on the backs of real