The year ahead in film: what to watch in 2017

The new year has arrived, and so we must rejoice (while stocking up for the oncoming Trump-ocalypse) and look forward to 2017 (Mark Hamill take plenty of vitamins). What we can do, is look at what is coming to a cinema near us (and also


Assassin’s Creed: Movie Review

It’s usually very satisfying to be able to stand as a lone voice, when the general consensus is one opinion, and proclaim something different. For years comic book films were derided as piffle and bad, until people took them seriously and made actually decent movies.


A Monster Calls: Review

It now being the new year we are entering the most feared of cinematic periods – award season, and as such for our consideration films are being released for popular viewing. January 1st alone has two films in contention released; Martin Scorsese’s long gestated passion