No Majesty Music Profiles: John Fogerty

“The sound of it! Like a bolt to the brain.”  That was John Fogerty’s recollection of the first time he heard a song and it stuck – at 5 years old – still clear for the songwriter on his 70th birthday. And still clear to


Autumn Statement Recap: The Changes and What They Mean

Philip Hammond opened on Wednesday with an unusual foray into comedic territory. Teasing the nation with a statement that at first seemed like a resignation, he began “”This is my first Autumn Statement as Chancellor. After careful consideration, and detailed discussion with the Prime Minister,

How the World is Reacting to Donald Trump’s Win

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump was named as the 45th President of the United States of America. Soon he will ride atop a wave of xenophobia and misogyny into the oval office. Trump suffered an unprecedented level of abandonment by the Republican party in the