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The woes of election pollsters

Another election, another polling failure. Why are pollsters so bad at predicting elections? In an age of political upset, why does the media keep treating the polls as gospel? Pollsters have not covered themselves in glory in recent years. Whether it’s the abject failure of


Outrage: Everyone’s Favourite Pastime

It is a political narrative of the right that liberals are overly-sensitive, easily offended and like to play the victim. Let’s set the record straight: both sides of the political spectrum use victimhood to whip up public opinion, and the media never fails to lap


Air Pollution: The UK’s Silent Killer

Air pollution is a huge problem across the UK’s major urban areas, resulting in 40,000 premature deaths each year according to a recent study. The Conservative government needs to wake up to the problem and act now to prevent more damage being done to us