Avoid the bullshit: ten life hacks that will actually save you time

Saving Time

Elisha Sharma

Every single person has had this exact thought at some point in time: you’re in the middle of doing a task, we stop and think “why the hell have I made life so hard for myself”? This inevitably results in further internal tantrums as you think about all the easier ways there were to do whatever it is that you were doing.

Whether it’s involving work, travelling, cooking or anything that’s part of a daily routine, it’s so easy to think you’re doing everything efficiently, and then look back and realise you’ve just picked the most difficult option for yourself. So here is a list of actual time savers, that will get you some precious time back.

Organise your drawers/desk at home

The thought of spending a load of time organising drawers/desks or a cupboard is enough to make anyone feel bored, it’s worth it in the long run. After the seeming tedious task of planning where to store everything, it is satisfying in the end when you actually know where all your stuff is quickly. It always seems like the simpler option to stuff all your random objects into cupboard and never touch it again, but then the time always comes when you need to find one specific item and end up emptying drawer’s worth of stuff all over your floor to find it. So finding a specific place for everything does help in the long run.

Plan your outfit the night before

Plan your outfit

Similar to the previous point, planning your outfit the night before can help your morning run a lot more smoothly. One of the most frustrating moments in life can be searching through your wardrobe for clothes you actually want to wear.

It’s never fun having to settle for an outfit you don’t actually like and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day because you couldn’t find anything decent to wear. So picking an outfit the night before is helpful for saving time, and making sure you’re wearing something you actually like for the next day.

Pack your bag the night before

It may seem obvious, but packing your bag the night before can make your mornings so much more straightforward when you have all your belongings prepared, especially if you’re up early for work or studying. There is nothing more painful than being woken up by your loud, unwelcoming alarm, dragging yourself out of your warm bed to realise you can’t find any of the things you need for your day, and then descending into a panic running around the house trying to find everything. So packing your bag the night before can help save some precious time in the morning, and make the beginning of your day stress free. Leave it by the door for bonus time.

Double check your journey to work

Journey to work

It can be so easy to assume that you know the right busses or trains to get to your destination, or if it’s a journey that you make every day, it’s simple to rely on that specific route, whether it’s to work or school. However, you can never predict when your journey will be hit with delays or cancellations. This is where website’s such as Journey Planner or apps such as Citymapper come in very handy. They show you different options for travelling so you can see which is the quickest route for you, they also pre-warn you about any delays or cancellations, so never again will you get to a train station to find all your trains have been cancelled.

Download Pocket

Pocket is the perfect app for procrastinators and scatterbrains. The app allows you to save articles, stories or webpages into the app, so that you’re not constantly getting side tracked whilst working. Everyone gets easily distracted by something they may see on Facebook or google while they’re trying to focus on work, we then end up going through pages and pages of content which is nothing to do with the work were supposed to be focusing on. So with Pocket it allows us to save all these things to look at later, so we can get on with our work.

Candle + Pasta

An extremely random but incredibly helpful little life hack, when trying to light a candle that has burned down quite far, light a piece of uncooked spaghetti and use that as a long match to light your candle. It saves time and means you won’t spend ages desperately trying to reach the candle wick with a match or lighter, and also means you won’t end up burning yourself in the process, which is always a perk. You can thank me later.

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Cook using in season ingredients

Cook using season ingredients

It may seem like a random time-saving option, but it can actually reduce cooking time as in season ingredients are always more flavourful compared to when you use them when they’re out of season. This means you don’t have to spend as much time trying to add more flavour to your cooking. Using in season ingredients also helps with saving money, so there is nothing but benefits!

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Download Go Fucking Work

Go Fucking Work does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a Google Chrome extension which is useful for stopping yourself from getting distracted by certain websites. You tell the app your worst offending sites for procrastination and it blocks you from accessing it – until your work is done. This means you don’t end up wasting a load of time looking through loads of different web pages and distracting yourself.

Go Fucking Work

Write a list

Sometimes converting back to the old school ways is the best way to go. Writing a list of tasks you need to do during the day can help you motivate yourself to actually follow through with doing them, by seeing them written down it can help you complete each task faster. It’s always satisfying knowing you’ve done everything you needed to in a day, and then leaves you with more downtime in the evening.

Leave time for yourself

Take Time for yourself

Stressing out releases cortisol into the brain – a stress hormone which muddles your thinking, and ends up costing you even more time. People can get carried away with overworking themselves throughout the day, or trying to make themselves do more than they are capable of, meaning they can end up working later into the day than necessary. It’s important to set yourself a time limit of when to stop in the day and take some time for yourself. By doing this it can save you more time for the next day as you’re more relaxed in your start to the day, and not stressing out about things you were meant to complete the day before but never got around to. Always remember to have downtime.

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