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Best New Podcasts May 2021

Lockdown has probably spawned millions of new podcasts. Podcasts that I’ll probably never hear of, or come across. It’s always a bit unnerving to think that there might be something completely amazing out there that we just don’t know about, simply because it’s not been publicised properly or it’s made by someone who isn’t famous. I’m afraid I don’t think I’m going to be exposing any particularly niche pods this month with my list of suggested listening, but nevertheless, I stand by my recommendations! 


Nurture vs Nurture with Dr. Wendy Mogel

Nurture vs Nurture with Dr. Wendy Mogel

This podcast is part of the Armchair Expert group, which I know I talk about all the time. In this case, Dr. Wendy Mogel records and broadcasts a one-off family therapy session for your listening pleasure. For anyone who listened to Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin this is a familiar format, and on the one hand I find it a bit irritating that the show lifted the format from Ether Perel, on the other hand, I imagine Esther Perel doesn’t really care, so why should I…

Anyway, the main point is that the series is fascinating. If you have kids, a partner, brothers or sisters, grew up in a big family — basically have any interaction with other humans, this show will teach you something. Or at least provide a new perspective on certain things. One aspect that does seem to be original is that Wendy Mogel offers some linguistic information at the end of the episode, teaching us untranslatable words from other cultures which have useful definitions. 



Unwanted podcast

Unusually for me, this is a narrative podcast. I do listen to narrative pods occasionally. But for some reason, I tend to keep my podcasts non-fiction, my audiobooks fiction and then radio and Spotify for music. Anyway, this podcast is fiction and it really demonstrates that I should seek more narrative pods because it is excellent. Developed and produced by Lamorne Morris (Winston from New Girl) it is a genuinely hilarious, brilliantly executed story. So far at least. I am so excited for the next episodes to be released. 


Welcome to the OC, Bitches!

Welcome to the OC Bitches podcast

This is another podcast that is lifting its format from a beloved TV show that came before it — see Scrubs podcast Fake Doctors real Friends. Here, Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke, AKA Summer Roberts and Julie Cooper-Nichol rewatch the OC in its entirety and broadcast their experience. I was obsessed with the OC when it was originally on TV, so I am especially into this, especially as I have rewatched it more than once and have my own thoughts and feelings to add into the mix.

This podcast is coming out at the perfect time. As jeans hems widen, Juicy Couture stocks improve and diamante makes a huge comeback, noughties TV can’t be far behind and it’s impressive that Bilson and Clarke have managed to tap the market so expertly. The podcast, a new episode of which comes out every Tuesday, is accompanied by a weekly YouTube video too. So, a true multimedia experience. Looking forward to a resurgence of Phantom Planet too!


Call Me Mother

Call Me Mother

This podcast, which is presented by the infinitely brilliant Shon Faye, is a really valuable source of information in the world of queerness. Here, Shon Faye interviews a series of trailblazing queer icons, giving them a space to share their experiences and their wisdom, and giving us the gift of these people’s stories. This podcast is such an excellent, well-produced, accessible piece of media. I can’t recommend it enough. I also recommend following Shon Faye on Instagram for very witty, clever remarks on everything from pop culture to politics- she has a book out soon, too! 

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