Brexit secretary Dominic Raab resigns

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has quit Theresa May’s government, saying he ‘cannot support’ the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

The Brexit secretary announced his resignation on Twitter, saying he could not support the deal “in good conscience.”:

 Raab is the second Brexit secretary to resign in four months. Earlier this year David Davis resigned from the role.
In his statement, he said the backstop arrangement was a “very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom”.
He added: “I cannot support an indefinite backstop arrangement where the EU holds a veto over our ability to exit.”
The resignation is a serious blow to Theresa May’s Brexit plans, and may be followed by more dissent in the coming days.
Esther McVey resigns from the government, less than an hour after Dominic Raab

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