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Filth 2013 Christmas Film

Christmas films that won’t make you want to throw up

Christmas is coming, which means far too much chocolate, eight different types of potatoes, spending time with your family playing boggle until Doctor Who comes on and of course, movies. If you enjoy a large dose of syrup with your festive films, that’s great, but

Daddys Home 2 Review Mel Gibson Mark Wahlberg Will Ferrell

Daddy’s Home 2 review – a comment on toxic masculinity

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a homophobe with a unsettling criminal record, and a raging racist woman-abusing anti-Semite, preaching crap about love and friendship. Yes, A Bad Moms Christmas came and went like a fart in the wind, and now Daddy’s Home 2 comes

Battle Royale 2000

Best foreign language films — ten to get you started

If you don’t watch foreign language films, either because you don’t think they will be up to the high standards of the Hollywood productions you are used to, or you simply can’t be bothered with subtitles, you are missing out, big time. There’s tens of

The Joker Past Present Future

The Joker: Past, Present and the Future

‘The Joker’ is no doubt one of DC’s most iconic villains to date, with every incarnation bringing something a little different to our screens. The first Joker most audiences ever saw was Cesar Romero’s, in 1966-68 TV and film versions of ‘Batman’, and what a