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No Majesty Music Profiles: Savages

Check out the latest in our Music Profiles series. “Savages singer Jehnny Beth claims that there is “no bullshit on stage”, and since their first gig in 2012, London’s Savages have been smashing stages all over the world.’ Savages’ first 7”, the ‘Flying to Berlin’/‘Husbands’


No Majesty Music Profiles: Biffy Clyro

Music festivals can often be separated by styles and genres . Download festival, for example, exhibits almost exclusively rock acts: metal, punk, hard rock, rap-rock, if it includes loud distorted guitars and crashing drums, there is no better place. Glastonbury, arguably one of the biggest


No Majesty Music Profiles: Chuck Berry

For every step forwards he took in his career, Berry took a step backwards. On 18 March 2017, famous rock n roller Chuck Berry died aged 90 years old. We all know that shock you get, when one of those rock n roll legends that you unconsciously


Track by Track: Stormzy – ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’

In 2015, a YouTube freestyle by Stormzy blew up and helped him quickly become one of the biggest names in Grime. The London MC has kept fans waiting for a full debut album, with rumored dates pushed back, turning it into perhaps the most hotly