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Pokémon Go: One year on, what have we learned?

July 6th 2016: A widely-anticipated augmented reality game hit the market, boasting over 6 million downloads on its first day alone. It became a global sensation from the moment the first trailer was released in September 2015. The game, developed by San Francisco based Niantic, Inc. was


Social Media Filter Bubbles: Relax, They Won’t Hurt

Like the lurid contrasts of a Warhol, or a compressed pop vocal, our attitudes and beliefs are building in intensity, being reduced and reduced like a sauce into something tart and elemental.  The culprit: algorithmic platforms that entrench our beliefs. The contours of our beliefscape


Coincidence, I think not.

  In 2014 same sex marriage was legalized in the UK, meaning equality for the LGBTQ community was allegedly there in the eyes of the law. Homophobia and heteronormativity however still have a firm hold and influence on society. Just like the ongoing struggle of

The Power of Twitter

  Twitter turned seven last July. It’s younger than its social media rival, (yes, that one) but it’s not worth comparing to Zuckerberg’s behemoth because the site is a different beast. Twitter has still not yet found its own unique taboo; whilst sharing your life