From traditional masterpieces to contemporary forms, our writers have all you need to know from the art-scene.

BombArt Peter Harris Mark Stewart
‘Hybrid Portraits’ and ‘Imploded Cinema’: Peter Harris and Mark Stewart discuss the BombArt project

The BombArt project explores the concept of identity in unexpected ways.

Post lockdown poetry
Post-lockdown poetry: as the world steps outside, writers explain their mixed feelings

We asked writers to share their feelings about coming out of lockdown in verse.

Political Art 2020
How has political art moved into the new decade?

What does political art look like now? Or, is all art political?

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Peter Harris: Madness, Creative Genius & The ‘Higher Powers Bible’

We talk truth with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and his latest works of art: The Higher Powers Bible: From Genesis to Revelation.

London’s Burning: Joe Corré’s Punk Collection and False Anarchy in The UK

Nostalgia and punk aren’t friends, but Joe Corre and hypocrisy are. Here we discuss our issue with false anarchy

Profiles: Alison Mosshart, a Woman of Many Parts

Getting to know Alison Mosshart – we take a look at her diverse career to date.