Film Reviews

After Midnight review
After Midnight review – the perfect film for these lockdown times

After Midnight blends horror and intrigue for brilliant results.

The Wretched review
The Wretched review – a horror with potential, but quickly loses its focus

If this film could settle on one idea of what’s scary, it could really be something.

The Hunt review
The Hunt review – carries some interesting messages, but lacks any nuance or execution

The Hunt aims for issues that are important, but ultimately falls short of it all.

Fantasy Island review
Fantasy Island review – lacking any tension, horror or even a basic narrative

Blumhouse’s horror revival is almost watchable due to a great performance by Maggie Q. Almost.

The Invisible Man review
The Invisible Man review – a clever, thoughtful horror, driven by a great performance

Leigh Whannell directs a brilliant Elisabeth Moss in this powerful horror flick.

Vivarium review
Vivarium review – an unsettling, unpredictable ride that’s sure to disturb you long after it’s over

Vivarium is a film that will probably stay with you long after the final image has left the screen.

Greed film review
Greed review – extremely fun, moving, and pointed satire

Winterbottom’s latest film has something to say, and it says it loudly.

Underwater review
Underwater review – Stewart shines in an otherwise forgettable sci-fi flick

A strong cast elevates this otherwise average alien-romp to a watchable level.

Sonic the Hedgehog film review-2020
Sonic the Hedgehog review – a perfectly average film that need not exist at all

With no real material to go off, this videogame adaptation becomes an unnecessary escapade.