Film Reviews

The Invisible Man review
The Invisible Man review – a clever, thoughtful horror, driven by a great performance

Leigh Whannell directs a brilliant Elisabeth Moss in this powerful horror flick.

Vivarium review
Vivarium review – an unsettling, unpredictable ride that’s sure to disturb you long after it’s over

Vivarium is a film that will probably stay with you long after the final image has left the screen.

Greed film review
Greed review – extremely fun, moving, and pointed satire

Winterbottom’s latest film has something to say, and it says it loudly.

Underwater review
Underwater review – Stewart shines in an otherwise forgettable sci-fi flick

A strong cast elevates this otherwise average alien-romp to a watchable level.

Sonic the Hedgehog film review-2020
Sonic the Hedgehog review – a perfectly average film that need not exist at all

With no real material to go off, this videogame adaptation becomes an unnecessary escapade.

Dolittle review 2020
Dolittle review – a poorly written, embarrassing revival of the Doctor

Downey Jr. can’t save this train wreck from disgracing the legacy of Doctor John Dolittle.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood review
A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood review – Hanks brings Rogers to life brilliantly in this feel good film

Tom Hanks is perfect for this sensitive portrayal of the beloved Fred Rogers.

Parasite review
Parasite review – a triumph on all fronts

Bong Joon-ho’s latest is a slow burn that really pays off.

The Lighthouse review – a genre rule-breaking, masterful horror film

Cast: Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson. Directed by Robert Eggers. The difficult second horror film often…