General election 2017

General Election 2017

Conservatives and DUP deal talks go ahead as post-election chaos continues

The Conservatives are set to form a government with the DUP, Northern Ireland’s biggest political party, in talks this week. MPs returned to the House of Commons this week. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn offered their first words on the shock general election result, which left the Conservatives without a majority in the house.



Manifestos compared: where do the big three parties stand on the issues that matter?

It’s crucial that voters are well informed, with a transparent view on the policies of the parties they can choose from. We’ve taken the key issues from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats manifestos, from the NHS to funding for transport, and put the parties’ stance on each issues side by side.


 How has voter turnout changed in the UK?

We take a look at the electorate turnout figures for the past five UK general elections since 1997, to see how the number of people actually turning up on the day has changed.


UK-Voter-Turnout-Statistics-General-Election-Cover-ImageSocial Media is changing politics as we know it

Social media giants Facebook and twitter have seen huge budgets and campaigns from all political parties. Some have wielded it effectively enough to swing elections. Simeon Evans takes a closer look at how this has happened in recent years, and how it can be used for real change.


Separating church and state: Theresa May, the religious lawmaker

Tim Farron and Theresa May have are both politicians who are openly Christian, yet only one is taken to task for their beliefs. Christopher Bentley investigates how Theresa May has voted with more than just her political senses, and avoided criticism for this in the process.


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