January music picks: new music you should know about

Best New Music January 2021

January is a fresh start. Well, any time is a fresh start really, but January is an internationally recognised marker of a fresh start, so what better time to get into some new releases?

Music can be a balm to difficult days, and days are especially difficult at the moment for many of us. Hopefully, new music can bring with it a new frame of mind and a new outlook — if not, it can at least act as a distraction from daily life.

Here are eight of the best new releases from this month.


Ani DiFranco- Revolutionary Love

Ani DiFranco Revolutionary Love

DiFranco is a multi-genre icon who has released all her records through her own label: Righteous Babes records. She is the ultimate independent woman.

Anyway, Revolutionary Love promises to be as wonderful as her previous work; it’s based on Valarie Kaur’s manifesto ‘See No Stranger’ so expect similarly wise and joyful messages for activism.


Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Lana Del Rey Chemtrails Over The Country Club

The first release from an upcoming album of the same name, this track is everything we have come to love and expect from Lana Del Rey. Moody, dark, old-Hollywood glamour.

The video is beautiful, flickering, bright and old fashioned. Lots of shots of Lana lying in a bed and looking at the camera with loads of lipstick on: exactly what she always gets up to.


Pearl Charles- Magic Mirror

Pearl Charles Magic Mirror

American, sunshiney, dreamy. This record doesn’t sound like LDR, but there is a similar kind of underlying (or not) sorrow to elements of it which help to anchor this otherwise glittery, melodic sophomore record in the Americana that makes it feel as comforting and familiar as it does.


LICE- Wasteland: what ails our people is clear

LICE Wasteland what ails our people is clear

LICA are a Bristolian group which automatically makes them great to me. But even for the unbiased amongst you, this LP is impressive- clearly influenced by classic and contemporary artists (I can hear Idles and Dead Kennedys here) as well as creeping into literary and visual artist realms of expression. The group is just so… cool. Brave, experimental, creative. All things we need in 2021.


Weezer- All My Favourite Songs

Weezer All My Favourite Songs

I’m so pleased to know that Weezer are going to bring out a new record. After the Bill and Ted soundtrack in the Autumn, I was sort of reminded of the group and now they’re bringing out an album! Wonderful news. This track is the first to be released and it’s great- very American, kinda Idlewild-ish. Just generally very exciting!




I’m not a huge YMA6 fan necessarily but I do really enjoy a massive soaring rock melody chorus type jam. And that’s what these guys do, so maybe I like them better than I thought.

SUCKAPUNCH is a pleasing, semi-nostalgic feeling album which is ideal for driving or for festivals. But this year obviously we’ll have to settle for it being a great driving record.


Taylor Swift- No Body No Crime (feat. Haim)

Taylor Swift No Body No Crime feat. Haim

This track, which seems kind of incongruous when listened to in the body of Swift’s most recent album, Folklore, is a glorious homage to traditional Country music storytelling.

With lovely folksy melodies and a clear narrative voice, Taylor Swift and the Haim girls add a new classic to the Country revenge genre. Think Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats vibes. Listen on gloomy evenings.

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