JAYD commands attention with emotionally complex new single ‘Lucid Lover’

Jayd Lucid Lover



British indie artist Jayd has had a rollercoaster couple of years. After garnering acclaim from BBC Introducing, the multi-talented artist showcased a move towards a more indie-pop sound in 2021, and has now delivered an emotionally deep yet catchy new single, ‘Lucid Lover’.

Jayd’s music deals brilliantly with themes ranging from mental health and anxiety to toxic relationships, and ‘Lucid Lover’, delves deeper into these themes, resulting in an authentic release where listeners can connect on a personal level.

The now Luxembourg-based Jayd is a born creative; previously having lived in France as an entertainer, she has always been surrounded by dance and theatre, influences which can be felt in the creativity of her musical output.

Jayd Lucid Lover

As with much of her past work, the echoing instrumentation and layered harmonies make you pay attention to ‘Luci Lover’ right from the opening seconds. “We never got along all the time”, Jayd sings over a range of mysterious, alluring synth notes.

The music video also complements this sense of mystery and deep emotion. Set against the backdrop of a wintery forest, Jayd addresses the viewer from a television set – far away, but also in the wilderness with you. Though the video takes the viewer to an emotionally complex place, the simplicity of the television set against the vast forest keeps Jayds vocals as the key, arresting feature.

A combination of different but complementary features make ‘Lucid Lover’ the track a full-bodied pop song, where Jayd’s vocals combine with a strong performance from London based rapper Mirari More to create a deep and thoroughly catchy sound. The complex harmonies, each modern and arresting, are reminiscent of contemporaries such as Caroline Polachek and Charli XCX.

Mirari, who has had an interesting journey of his own, moving from a sonic backdrop of afrobeat and afro-funk to grime and UK garage, teams up with Jayd to form an old- school R&B soundscape, with indie electro swirls.

Even a casual listen reveals Jayd as relatable artist, whose storytelling abilities bring a raw authenticity to her music. Jayd confides: “I am good at remembering stories people have told me and putting myself into someone’s shoes and writing from an honest place as if it was me living through it.”

With her strong and complex musicality, and powerful storytelling abilities, Jayd is certain to create an even bigger impact with her music in the coming months.

‘Lucid Lover’ is available to hear on Spotify, Apple and SoundCloud.

You can follow the latest updates from Jayd on Facebook, Instagram or her official website.

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