Lee “Scratch” Perry Interview: Politics, The Illuminati and Reggae’s ‘Second Revolution’

Lee Scratch Perry’s name is synonymous with Jamaican music. He is the undisputed godfather of Dub, and has helped produced the finest work of some of Jamaica’s greatest artists, such as Bob Marley, Max Romeo and Junior Murvin. In a career that has spanned six decades, Scratch has laid out an unparalleled musical legacy, one that comes with a reputation for madness at every turn. Anyone who has spoken with Scratch knows that the only certainty in an interview with him is that it will be utterly unpredictable.

In an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel 4 in 2015, not long after his 80th birthday, one of the first statements uttered by Scratch was “Do you know that I’m crazy?” My experience with Lee Scratch Perry did nothing to challenge this claim. Crazy, genius, and one of a kind.

I called Lee in Negril, Jamaica, to talk music, painting, politics, and the second revolution of Reggae music. Listen to the full interview below.

Lee Scratch Perry and Peter Harris’ artwork ‘The Higher Powers Bible: From Genesis to Revelation’ is available at leescratchperry-peterharris-art.com

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