Avoid the bullshit: ten life hacks that will actually save you time

A list designed to save you some of that precious time.

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Wishes for 2018

We asked our writers what they wanted out of the new year. Read their responses below.

 My three wishes for 2018 – Chris Wyer

“It’s safe and quiet here, but in 2018, I want the chance to escape that..”

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My three wishes for 2018 – Simeon Evans

“Mother nature is mankind’s only real predator… I’m hoping this time she might be hungry for psychotic world leaders…”

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My three wishes for 2018 – Charissa Cheong

“We have been marching for decades, and it really is time for justice to be carried out.”

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My three wishes for 2018 – Jamie Richmond

“Writing, editing and then self-publishing a book is no mean feat in itself. But this year I’m hoping to get it done twice.”

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My three wishes for 2018 – Thomas Brimberg

“…New Year’s Eve stood at the same time on the edge of the past and the future.”

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12 apps for learning something new in 2018

A list designed to eliminate all the storage space on your phone.

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