Self Isolation Experiences Stories
Stay at home stories: different experiences of isolation on work and life

Much of the world is stuck indoors – we asked you to share your stories of distancing and isolation with us.

Social Media and Anxiety in 2020
Social media and anxiety in 2020

Social media can be fantastic, we just need to treat it like the addictive substance it is.

How to Come Out as Bisexual
How to come out as bisexual: My story

“My heart sank, and it sent me racing back into the closet. If my best friend thought that my sexuality wasn’t real, then how could I ever talk to him about it?”

Isolation careful reading online
In a time of isolation, we must question what we read online

Including this…

Coronavirus Environment Pollution
While we stay safe indoors, our climate gets safer by the day

While most of the population isolates itself, the planet is rapidly becoming less polluted.

Beatlemania still alive
Beatlemania is still very much alive – at least it is for me

Beatlemania is alive. I should know, I’m about to see Paul McCartney live for the 5th time.

How Useful is Weed
How useful is weed? Experts and users weigh-in on cannabis

The usefulness of cannabis has long been debated — where are we in the journey now?

London Survival Guide
The only survival guide to the London rat race you’ll ever need

The rat race can suck, but it doesn’t have to.

This is your brain on stress

How your brain reacts to stresses of the modern world, and why.