Mental Health Stories

Here you’ll find a range of stories from our writers around the subject of mental health and wellbeing, from true experiences to practical guides.

How diet can affect mental health
How diet can affect your mental health

We take a look at some of the effects that food has on our mental health.

Toxic Masculinity The Good Lad Initiative
The Good Lad Initiative: identifying and challenging Toxic Masculinity

The Good Lad initiative seeks to put an end to Toxic Masculinity and the problems that arise from it.

How Colours Affect Your Brain
How different colours affect your brain

The colours we see affect the emotions we feel, and even our behaviour.

Social Media use and Covid 19
Has social media worsened our experience of Covid-19?

During the coronavirus pandemic, social media may be a necessary evil.

Self Isolation Experiences Stories
Stay at home stories: different experiences of isolation on work and life

Much of the world is stuck indoors – we asked you to share your stories of distancing and isolation with us.

Social Media and Anxiety in 2020
Social media and anxiety in 2020

Social media can be fantastic, we just need to treat it like the addictive substance it is.

London Survival Guide
The only survival guide to the London rat race you’ll ever need

The rat race can suck, but it doesn’t have to.

This is your brain on stress

How your brain reacts to stresses of the modern world, and why.