The latest album releases, interviews with artists, and previews of future music icons.

The Rolling Stones albums ranked best to worst
All The Rolling Stones albums ranked, from best to worst

We take a (very) deep dive into the formidable discography of the Stones.

August music picks: new releases you should know about

From Beyonce to Billie, August has some future classics for you.

Taylor Swift Folklore review
Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ is a reminder of the power of re, re, re-inventing your image

Swift’s latest is a great piece of storytelling, and a lesson in celebrity.

Father John Misty Profile
Music Profiles: Josh Tillman (AKA Father John Misty)

Misty and his heavy reputation have earned him a unique position in the music industry.

Should Musicians Be Involved in Politics
Should musicians get involved in politics?

There’s a short answer, and a much longer one.

Billie Eilish Profile
Music Profiles: Billie Eilish – a very modern phenomenon

At age 18, Eilish is already an instantly recognisable music icon.

Anthony Simpkins GemsOnVHS interview
Song hunters in the 21st century : speaking to Anthony Simpkins of GemsOnVHS

Anthony Simpkins of GEMsOnVHS on discovering new artists and telling new stories.

Your New Favourite Playlist Break Out
Your New Favourite Playlist: ‘Break Out!’

This time on YNFP we’re breaking out.

How musicains are affected by covid 19 coronavirus
How musicians have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown

We spoke to bands who have cancelled tours and gigs because of the Covid-19 lockdown.