The latest album releases, interviews with artists, and previews of future music icons.

Anthony Simpkins GemsOnVHS interview
Song hunters in the 21st century : speaking to Anthony Simpkins of GemsOnVHS

Anthony Simpkins of GEMsOnVHS on discovering new artists and telling new stories.

Your New Favourite Playlist Break Out
Your New Favourite Playlist: ‘Break Out!’

This time on YNFP we’re breaking out.

How musicains are affected by covid 19 coronavirus
How musicians have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown

We spoke to bands who have cancelled tours and gigs because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Local Natives Music Profile
Music Profiles: Local Natives

Local Natives take California indie into the new decade.

Pink Floyd Albums Ranked
All Pink Floyd albums ranked, from best to worst

It’s an unenviable task, but we’ve dug deep and given our verdict on Floyd’s most iconic records.

Best Films About Music
12 of the best films about music ever made

Looking back on great films that brought the world of music to the big screen.

Madeline Rosene interview 2020
Madeline Rosene’s talking to herself

Talking to Madeline Rosene about music, authenticity, and her new album ‘Raised on Porn’.

The Culture Report
The Culture Report – a newsletter from No Majesty

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Tomer Krail interview
Tomer Krail interview: Finding your sound, getting plays, and the Indie Music Feedback award

We spoke to Tomer Krail about finding your audience, and making music with expectations.