Speaking to artists about their music, and much more.

Tomer Krail interview

Tomer Krail interview: ‘Held in Quiet Parenthesis’, music streaming platforms, and recording during lockdown

Singer-songwriter Tomer Krail talks new music, streaming platforms, and recording during lockdown.

Saint Clair Interview

Saint Clair interview: grief, inspiration, and the upcoming visual EP In The Violet Hour

Emily Algar talks to Saint Clair about grief and her upcoming visual EP In The Violet Hour.

Mothica interview

Mothica interview: Sobriety, recovery, and finding the light

Mothica sits down to discuss new album Blue Hour and the journey that led her to it.

Niji Adeleye interview

Niji Adeleye interview: Royal Albert Hall show, performing with Stormzy and the nature of music

London-born Niji Adeleye discusses performing at the Royal Albert Hall, and what it’s like releasing new music in 2020.

Anthony Simpkins GemsOnVHS interview

Song hunters in the 21st century : speaking to Anthony Simpkins of GemsOnVHS

Anthony Simpkins of GEMsOnVHS on discovering new artists and telling new stories.

Madeline Rosene interview 2020

Madeline Rosene’s talking to herself

Talking to Madeline Rosene about music, authenticity, and her new album ‘Raised on Porn’.

Tomer Krail interview

Tomer Krail interview: Finding your sound, getting plays, and the Indie Music Feedback award

We spoke to Tomer Krail about finding your audience, and making music with expectations.

Snack Cat Interview

Snack Cat interview: Genres, New York’s scene, and isolation’s effect on bands

We talk to Aleksi Glick about defining a sound, and what fans mean to musicians.


Lee “Scratch” Perry Interview: Politics, The Illuminati and Reggae’s ‘Second Revolution’

Music, painting and politics: Listen to our interview with the Godfather of Dub, Lee Scratch Perry.