Music Profiles

No Majesty Music Profiles takes a look at artists’ careers from start to present, with the aim of documenting their impact on music culture.

Rayelle music profile
Music Profiles: Rayelle

Soulful, exciting, ambitious: Rayelle is one to watch.

Rosalía profile
Music Profiles: Rosalía

By experimenting with her sound and carving out her place , Rosalía has already made herself an iconic figure.

Father John Misty Profile
Music Profiles: Josh Tillman (AKA Father John Misty)

Misty and his heavy reputation have earned him a unique position in the music industry.

Billie Eilish Profile
Music Profiles: Billie Eilish – a very modern phenomenon

At age 18, Eilish is already an instantly recognisable music icon.

Local Natives Music Profile
Music Profiles: Local Natives

Local Natives take California indie into the new decade.

Grimes Profile
Profiles: Grimes

We take a look at the predictably unpredictable career of Grimes.

Music Profiles Frank Ocean
Profiles: Frank Ocean

Examining the career of one of music’s most genre-defying — and defining — voices.

King Princess
Profiles: King Princess, the new face of Queer Pop

King Princess is the undeniable hero of the ever-growing queer pop scene.

The Knife
No Majesty Music Profiles: The Knife – a duo that kept everyone guessing til the end

[label type=”label-info”] Gunnar Eigener [/label] No Majesty Music Profiles takes a look at artists’ careers…