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Tomer Krail interview
Tomer Krail interview: Finding your sound, getting plays, and the Indie Music Feedback award

We spoke to Tomer Krail about finding your audience, and making music with expectations.

Best Decade for Hip Hop
The great debate: which was the best decade for hip hop?

Is it possible to even judge this? We honestly don’t know.

Snack Cat Interview
Snack Cat interview: Genres, New York’s scene, and isolation’s effect on bands

We talk to Aleksi Glick about defining a sound, and what fans mean to musicians.

Grimes Miss Anthropocene review
Grimes’ villainous new album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ is a memory of the future

‘Miss Anthropocene’ is an exercise in villainy that deserves to be heard by all earthlings.

Grimes Profile
Profiles: Grimes

We take a look at the predictably unpredictable career of Grimes.

Musicians who became actors
The best musicians who turned to acting, and did it well

We take a look at the musicians who turned their hand to the silver screen.

Music Profiles Frank Ocean
Profiles: Frank Ocean

Examining the career of one of music’s most genre-defying — and defining — voices.

Songs for a Monday Morning Playlist
Your New Favourite Playlist: Songs for a Monday Morning

The start of the week is rough – these sounds make it better.