The latest album releases, interviews with artists, and previews of future music icons.

Albums Set in Fictional Resorts
5 albums set in fictional resorts

These artists took ‘concept album’ to a whole new level.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West 2009 VMAs incident
#ImmaLetYouFinish: Remembering the Taylor Swift / Kanye West 2009 VMAs incident

Moments in pop culture history: an analysis of what went down between Taylor Swift and Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs.

Lana Del Rey Double Video from New Album
Lana Del Rey returns for a double music video release from new album ‘Norman F**king Rockwell’

The Queen of Nostalgia, California Surf Rock and Pop returns.

What is Vaporwave Music
What is Vaporwave? A deep-dive into the definitive Millennial music genre

Complex, conceptual, and surreal – Vaporwave is here to stay.

Obscure Music Genres
12 obscure music genres that you need to hear

These mind-bending subgenres need more room on your day-to-day playlist.

What is Zydeco Music
What is Zydeco music?

Traditional rhythm and blues takes a fresh turn in this subgenre.

Best Protest Songs of the Decade
The 10 best protest songs of the decade, deconstructed

For as long as there has been social and political unrest, people have been singing about it.

Songs to deepen understanding of mental health
Ten songs to deepen your understanding of mental health

These moments in music showed everyone a unique experience of mental health.

What is Gamelan Music
What is Gamelan music?

Gamelan has a rich history, and a sound that permeates through into South-East Asia today.