Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in April 2021

New releases Netflix UK April 2021

Spring is here. But although it’s so encouraging to wake up in some semblance of daylight — rather than pitch blackness — it’s still really chilly in the evenings, so I’m still not feeling guilty about working my way through Netflix’s entire back catalogue.

Speaking of which, in what looks as though in a very meta move, Netflix is going to be releasing a documentary about the downfall of the Blockbuster empire. Maybe that inspired some of their retro choices for these new releases for April?

1st April


Castaway Netflix

The film that spawned a thousand cries of ‘Wilsooooonnnn’ every time someone went near a rugby/American football. This is one of the only films that has made me cry properly — needing to blow my nose and everything. And, it’s a film that I definitely rented from, if not Blockbuster then Choices (on Whiteladies Road in Bristol). I can practically feel the texture of a Blockbuster branded VHS case as I write…

Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her
An absolute classic, no idea why people don’t talk about this film more to be honest. If you’ve not seen it then you should. Not only for the remarkable cast — Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn — but for the bizarre plotting- reanimated competitive corpses, and the Robert Zemeckis direction. It’s an excellent, campy, funny nineties film. Perfect video rental vibes.

Love Story

Love Story Netflix

There are two reasons why I like this movie. 1: Ali McGraw is so beautiful in it, and in everything she’s in, to be honest. 2: It’s the OG class divide romance film. It’s so blatantly the film that inspired Pretty in Pink and it’s really satisfying, if you know Pretty in Pink, to draw the comparisons between it. If you don’t know Pretty in Pink then you should watch that too.

The Time Traveller’s Wife

The Time Traveller’s Wife

Okay, this is actually a pretty terrible adaptation. And I think a big reason why it’s so terrible is that the book is SO GOOD. The plot is extremely intricate and I just don’t think it is possible to represent it in a feature film. Maybe a limited drama series. The reason why I’m including it here is because I think it’s interesting to see how people interpret various texts, and anyway, I quite like film adaptations even when they’re a bit lacklustre. If you watch it and hate it don’t let it put you off the book.


9th April

Thunder Force

Thunder Force
A superhero comedy film in which Mellissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play the leading roles of superheroes. And not only that, btu accidental superheroes. You don’t need me to tell you how lovely and funny and light-hearted this will be. Genuine escapism. I can’t wait.

11th April

A Star is Born

A Star is Born

I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has seen this as it only came out in the cinemas a couple of years ago and I know the amazing soundtrack was played absolutely everywhere. This, the third iteration of the story (first it was a James Mason and Judy Garland film, then a Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristoffersson film, and now, Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper). This is the best version. Trust me, I have studied each in detail.

Other releases

7th April

Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute
Looking at the life of the queen of country music Dolly Parton.

9th April
Night in Paradise
The story of a gangster running for his life, and a woman who has given up on hers.

13th April
Mighty Express (Season 2)

More train adventures with the gang.

15th April

Ride or Die
A Japanese LGBT psychological-thriller, based on Ching Nakamura’s manga series Gunjō.

16th April
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me (Season 1)
A brand new sitcom starring the one and only Jamie Foxx.


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