Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in September

New Netflix releases September 2020 UK

September marks the beginning of my favourite time of year. I love autumn, I love back-to-school vibes, I love PSLs and crunchy leaves and cosy sweaters. I know it’s generally pretty hot and sunny still in September, and when it’s not hot and sunny it’s wet and soggy with not a crunchy leaf in sight, but a gal can dream.

Anyway, September also means that, traditionally, our TV options start levelling up because it’s dark in the evenings and we all want to get cosy and stay in instead of sitting out in pub gardens in the evening.

Obviously, we’ve all been locked down for the last 6 months, streaming loads of good stuff, and there have been some brilliant films and series online over the summer. But still, September has this exciting new start quality that I love to see reflected in the media I consume. With that in mind, here is a list of films that are coming to Netflix this month that we can get excited about!


September 1st

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

Russel Crowe as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe plays John Forbes Nash Jr as he embarks on a journey of huge self discovery and remarkable difficulty. John Nash is basically a maths genius who tries desperately to balance his brilliance with his deteriorating mental health as schizophrenia becomes a swiftly increasing problem. The film takes various artistic liberties with the narrative of Nash’s life, but it tells his story is such a fantastically innovative way. It is a brilliant film.



Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. in Zodiac

Zodiac is a classic noughties serial killer thriller starring Jake Gyllenhal, who we don’t see anywhere near enough of these days, and Mark Rufalo. Zodiac is inspired by a true story and it’s based on the non-fiction book by Robert Graysmith, who Gyllenhal plays in the film, both facts that only serve to make the film more insidious and creepy.


Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal is a film about the way that relationships are compromised and destabilized by money and insecurity. The film wasn’t hugely popular when it came out, but since then it has become a genuine classic. The cast is perfect: Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford, and the story is exciting and unlikely yet still speaks to the fragility of the human condition.



Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

The OG movie night film, surely. This absolute classic is required watching for everyone, it’s honestly not even that scary, it’s just Jamie Lee Curtis’s first film role and the movie that spawned a million sequels and even more imitations. This is a John Carpenter film so expect the same creeping build up to action that we see in The Fog and The Thing.



Watchmen Netflix

This film is the magna carta for anyone with even a passing interest in comic books and film history. The layers of narrative that combine to create this complex, multi referential masterpiece are so complex and diverse that you need a few goes round and a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the comic world and the film world to really get everything out of this film. Based on the classic Alan Moore book, it is a remarkable piece of cinema.


18th September


Ratched Netflix

Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy reunite after working together on the incredible American Horror Story franchise. And, true to form, Ratched is a sinister, creepy, visually rich and exciting tv series. It is the origin story for the evil Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Paulson plays Ratched with the same poise and coldness that she brings to her role of Dr Staple in Glass. The series promises to be compelling and disturbing in equal measure- exactly as you’d expect from the American Horror Story team.

Other releases

1 September

Black Books – series 1-3

The first three extremely funny seasons of Black Books are coming.

3 September

Call the Midwife – series 8

My absolute fave period tv programme. Much better than Downton in my opinion.

4 September

I’m thinking of Ending Things

A Netflix original film which looks brilliant, starring Jessie Buckley.


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