Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in May 2020

New on Netflix UK May 2020

I’ve been trying hard to be productive during lockdown. I’ve fallen victim to the Instagram sourdough trap and I’ve been crossing books off my TBR (to be read) list at lightning speed. But I’ve also made a very conscious decision to not feel bad about spending a lot of time in front of the television.

I don’t just mean watching some of the televisual canonical series like The Wire or films like The Godfather, I’m refusing to feel guilty for watching TV that definitely isn’t stretching my intellect (America’s Next Top Model reruns) and films that I’ve already seen probably a hundred times (Steel Magnolias). Anyway, now that we’ve all marvelled over Tiger King and everyone has finally actually seen Breaking Bad, it’s another month, and we’re ready for some new titles. Here’s the best that Netflix UK has to offer in May.


May 1st


Hollywood Netflix Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy brings us another series that promises to be as dynamic and addictive as his previous work (Glee). Hollywood depicts a group of actors as they try to make it in Hollywood’s Golden Age; the 1940s. Expect gorgeous makeup and stunning costume alongside compelling plots and magnetic storytelling.


All Day and A Night

All Day and A Night Netflix

All Day and A Night is an independent film that shows us one prison inmate’s reminiscences on his life and the people, circumstances and events that lead him to be where he is today: in jail. Jeffrey Wright of Westworld and Hunger Games (and soon, Batman) fame stars in the film which is set to be a big talking point in the weeks ahead with marketing cashing in on a Moonlight vibe.




David Bowie in Labyrinth.

That’s right – this all-time cult classic featuring David Bowie comes to Netflix this month. In it, a teenage girl (Jennifer Connelly) adventures through a maze to recover her baby brother (Toby Froud) from a goblin king (Bowie).

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May 5th

Jerry Seinfield: 23 Hours to Kill

Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours to Kill

What is there to say about Seinfield? If you’ve seen the series or his more recent project: Comedians in Car Getting Coffee, then you know, this stand up special is bound to be hilarious.


May 8th

Season 2 of Dead To Me

Dead To Me Season 2

Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate return to pick up after THAT cliffhanger ending from last year. The pair are a convincing duo who’s on-screen energy and chemistry make this series pleasingly watchable, despite all the hair-raising twists and turns.


May 11th

Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Have A Good Trip Adventures in Psychedelics

This star-studded documentary interviews various users of psychedelics about their experiences tripping. Whilst this is less the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and more that episode of Chelsea Handler where she gets high, this documentary nonetheless looks to be an interesting insight into a lifestyle that is foreign to me and that will be interesting to understand from a public personality’s point of view.


May 26th

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

Hannah Gadsby Douglas

Remember a couple of years ago when that random comedy special Nanette, by the Australian comic totally blew up taking social media, print media and water cooler conversations by storm across the globe? Well, that comic is back with a new Netflix special. Gadsby’s previous work has been irreverent, hilarious, poignant and thoughtful. This special, on identity and popularity promises to be as fascinating and compelling.


Other releases

1 May

Adult Life Skills (2016)
Comedy/drama starring Jodie Whittaker.

8 May

Restaurants on the Edge: Season 2
The culinary series returns.

11 May

Trial by Media: Season 1
This show covers some of the most high-profile trials and their relationship with the media.

14 May

Schitt’s Creek: Season 6
The rich to rags story returns for a sixth season.

15 May

White Lines (Season 1)
This new thriller comes straight from the creators of the successful Money Heist.

29 May

Space Force: Season 1
Steve Carrell stars in this all-American comedy about the space bound military.


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