Podcasts we’re listening to: December

New Podcasts December 2020

I have actually been making the most of my audible subscription lately, so I’m a little way behind on my podcast listening. But, finally, I’m catching up on my classics!

Now I understand why everyone thinks George Eliot was a genius. Anyway, besides the usual offenders, these are the shows that are stacking up in my downloaded folder.


Dr Death Season 2

Dr Death Season 2 podcast

I know I have written about Dr. Death season one before, because I binged the whole thing in record breaking time- driving longer routes home to get to listen to the pod for longer. Season 2 looks set to be just as addictive, following the criminal path of Michigan doctor Farid Fata and their toxic secret. Presented again by the fabulous Laura Biel, this season is going to be remarkable.



Hindsight podcast

From Al Jazeera, the broadcaster that sits on the cusp of western and Arabic cultures, comes this incredible docudrama series in which important historical figures are brought to life through cleverly researched scripting. The characters range from Saddam Hussein to Dalida, so clearly the spec included not only famous historical figures but also infamous, a fact which makes the show all the more innovative and fascinating.


Ghost Tape

Ghost Tape podcast

Another podcast which is serialised fiction. Ordinarily, my podding is strictly factual only but this month, I am feeling the fictional vibes. Anyway, the less said about Ghost Tape the better as you want to go into the experience as open to possibilities as possible. The series totally lives up to its title so if you’re after a spooky afternoon, then give it a try.


Super Great Kid’s Stories

Super Great Kids Stories

And another fiction podcast! Lots of people are spending more time with their little ones in thei second lockdown, and whilst that is obviously wonderful and a gift and not to be wasted etc… it’s also hard work sometimes. Super Great Kid’s stories is a brilliant alternative to tv or other screens and will entertain your babies whilst you shower or pee or down a cup of coffee. The stories are fun for adults too so it’s a great family podcast to have on in the car or if you’re cooking together too.


Taskmaster the Podcast

Taskmaster the Podcast

Ed Gamble hosts this extra serving of the hilarious Taskmaster show. This series has one of my favourite celebrities on it, Daisy-May Cooper aka Kerry from This Country, so the podcast is a welcome extra injection of glorious D-M C related content for me, and a hilarious breakdown of the week’s events for everyone else. Ed is a brilliant host and his discussions with various guests each week are consistently hilarious.


Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast

Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast
After the discussion in the summer about getting rid of the poetry part of the GCSE exam this year, I have had poetry on my radar. I have been thinking about it as a choice rather than a non-negotiable, and as such, it has been really fascinating hearing people, like Frank Skinner, who genuinely like poetry, discuss it. If you need to re-think your relationship with poetry, this is a nice place to start.



Americast podcast

The BBC’s podcast which gives us a supposedly bipartisan impression of the American Election. Thankfully, we know the results of the election now, but this podcast still bears listening to for a deep and meaningful understanding of how and why America ended up in such a divisive situation. Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel also recorded an election post-mortem episode as well as thinking about Trump’s next moves, so the series remains relevant even after the results were released.


Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Questions

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Questions

The world’s nicest billionaire (yes, I know how problematic of a sentence starter that is…) and the world’s coolest actress and activist (actrivist? Actiress?) team up to discuss some huge questions. Questions that concern climate change, honesty and truthfulness and equality and the lack thereof… and more. At the time of writing, there was only one episode of this series available to hear and in it, this bizarre pairing actually work really well together. Hopefully the podcast will continue to be as enjoyable moving forward.

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