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New poll puts Labour 3 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives

New poll puts Labour 3 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives

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A recent poll by the polling agency Survation has put Labour 3% ahead of the Conservatives.

The poll, taken since after the general election and after the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower, is one of the first established polls to put the Labour party ahead of Theresa May’s Conservatives in several years.

The new poll comes with many criticisms of the prime minister’s response to the Grenfell tragedy, which saw her visiting the scene of the fire in the aftermath of the incident, but not engaging with residents there.

The results of the poll suggest that if a general election vote took place today, Labour would be the biggest party in terms of seats, but still short of an overall majority.

This marks another sign that Theresa May’s Conservatives may be headed for trouble, after a week of post-election chaos left many wondering how a government can be formed, and who will be in it.

Theresa May recently defended her response to the tragedy, in an interview with BBC Newsnight. Wednesday’s fire in North Kensington has caused 30 confirmed deaths, with many more residents of the building still missing. Many politicians and commentators now believe the prime minister’s distant response to the incident, combined with the results of the general election earlier this month, could lead to her replacement as leader of the Conservative party.

The Brexit Effect

Today, Brexit negotiations officially began, with David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, and the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to begin setting out a timetable for Britain’s withdrawal. The pair are expected to brief the media later this afternoon, after several sessions take place with other senior officials from both sides.

After the results of the general election saw the Conservatives left without a majority, the pound fell almost 2.3 percent, as the future of Britain’s economy was sent into further unknown territory, with a ‘confidence and supply’ coalition government now expected to be at the negotiating table. Theresa May’s Conservatives are expected to present the Queen’s speech on Wednesday.

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Last week, Theresa May’s chief of staff suggested that Brexit may have been key to the Conservative’s poor performance saying that there is “Clearly evidence, I think, that people that are angry about Brexit still, Jeremy Corbyn somehow managed to get them behind him.” The Conservatives currently have 318 seats – eight short of the figure needed to win the vote outright – with Labour on 261, the SNP on 35 and Liberal Democrats on 12.

Update: The Conservatives have revealed that Wednesday’s queen’s speech will be the last until 2019, cancelling the 2018 speech, to make room for new Brexit laws.

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