Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in November 2020

New on Netflix UK November 2020

Having binged Ratched and Bly Manor last month, I am now feeling especially grateful to the Netflix gods. In a world where everything is looking increasingly uncertain, it’s reassuring to know that Netflix and genuinely chilling is a pastime that can be relied upon for some much-needed escapism and relaxation.

This November, the world teeters on a precipice. When the American election happens at the beginning of the month, it will determine the shape of the next four years for much of the world. I personally think the political situation in the UK is terrifying, but the concept of another 4 years of Trump is the stuff of the worst possible nightmares.

In these anxiety-inducing times, it is vital that we take absolutely every opportunity to find joy. It’s important all the time in fact, but especially now. Here are some joyful things coming soon to a living room near you:

1 November

Blended (2014)

Blended 2014

Not necessarily a classic Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie, this isn’t 50 First Dates for goodness sake, but a perfectly acceptable romcom nonetheless. I actually really don’t like Adam Sandler (because I hate his character in Click) but I adore Drew so this film gets a thumbs up from me. And if you’re looking for a fluffy, easy going romcom to zone out to, then this is a strong candidate.


Dawson’s Creek (season 1-6)

Dawsons Creek

The ultimate teen drama series. Step aside One Tree Hill and The OC, the OG dramatic, teary, angsty series is here. Dawson’s Creek has actually been available on All 4 for a few years, but now here we have it in all it’s glory and crucially, without ads! The show that spawned a million edgy story lines, set in the most quintessentially American town imaginable (there’s a creek!), Dawson’s Creek is a cosy, compelling watch. I cannot wait to relive the Pacey/Joey/Dawson (most American names ever, no?) saga.


Richie Rich (1994)

Richie Rich 1994 Netflix

Do you remember when this film was on ITV every weekend? Thanks to that, I have seen this movie at least 50 times I reckon. Making it my most watched Macauley Culkin movie, streets ahead of Uncle Buck. This film also stars Richard Gilmore from the Gilmore girls: obviously typecast as a wealthy, generally friendly patriarch. Richie Rich is a very fun, very funny, very very very nineties movie. Perfect escapism.


4 November

The End of the F***ing World (season 2)

The End of the Fucking World season 2 Netflix

Okay so maybe this isn’t the most comforting series to watch when you feel as if genuinely this might be the end of the fucking world… But, series one was brilliant and so if we’re gonna go, we may as well go having a good time. Series two picks up a couple of years after the end of series one, with Alyssa making an apparent fresh start. If you enjoyed series one, or any British dark comedy then you’ll certainly enjoy this too.

15 November

The Crown (Season 4)

The Crown Season 4 Netflix UK


Netflix’s royal drama continues into its fourth season, with Queen Elizabeth overseeing the marriage of her son, Prince Charles, to Lady Diana, one of the UK’s most iconic figures from history, for a multitude of reasons. Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki portrays the young Diana in season 4 of Netflix’s uber-successful drama.


22 November


Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (2020)

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square 2020 Netflix

The sunniest, sparkliest, kindest, most inspirational woman alive, Dolly Parton, is here to save us all. In this festive treat, a scrooge-like woman is reformed through the magic of music, community and a significant amount of glitter. Obviously not the most original christmas plot line, but, you know,if it ain’t broke… I would watch paint dry if it was a painting of Dolly Parton so I’m not exactly an impartial reviewer, but this film sounds like just the thing to warm the cockles of your heart at the end of a cold, dark November.


25 November

Christmas Chronicles part 2 (2020)

Christmas Chronicles part 2 Netflix

And another Christmas film, please don’t hate me, I know it’s still November, part two of Kurt Russell’s Christmas film, about all the festive stuff: feelings, family, fun. This time, we see much much more of Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus which promises to be extremely fun: I always love to see real life couples acting together on screen. Again, the plot isn’t going to blow your mind, but the film will be warm, cosy and comforting, just exactly what we need.


Other releases

1 November

National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)
Some classic road trip comedy with Chevy Chase.

New York Minute (2004)
Crime-comedy starring the Olsen twins – a typical summary accompanying any great film.

6 November

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (2018) 4K
Academy-award winning Marvel animation exploring the web slinger’s world on a different level.

9 November

Undercover (Season 2)
The Belgian drug-crime thriller continues.

11 November

A Queen is Born (Season 1)
A drag queen beauty contest coming to steal RuPaul’s top spot.

17 November

We Are The Champions (Season 1)
A reality series looking at some sports stars, many of which are lesser-known despite winning big.

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