Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in August 2020

New on Netflix UK August 2020

Hopefully, we will be blessed with lovely sunny weather this August because, in my opinion, the new batch of Netflix releases this month aren’t as exciting as in previous months. Then again, I am a Brat Pack kween so for me, April was a pretty big deal and a tough one to beat.

Anyway, all is not lost — there are more than a few lil gems to look forward to in August. And the rest of the time, make the most of that summer holiday vibe that seems to float around in August, even when you’re WFH.


August 1st

American History X (1998)

Edward Norton in American History X

Have you ever noticed that Ed Norton is in very few films considering how long his career has been, but that every one is absolutely incredible and his performance is always breathtaking? Well, here he is again, playing a neonazi who’s younger brother looks set to follow a similar ideological path. This film is a brilliant study of identity, sibling relationships, insecurity and socially constructed anxiety. A really challenging and tricky watch but very rewarding if you can manage the subject matter.


Rumour Has It (2005)

Rumor Has It

This is the kind of film I always want to watch on a Friday night, with really good snacks and maybe after I’ve had pizza for dinner. It’s a quintessential romantic comedy. Jennifer Aniston is here doing her romcom thing which is infinitely watchable and engaging, you know everything will be okay eventually because Jennifer Aniston is in it and so is Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Costner. I honestly don’t think they make films like this anymore, but maybe I’m just getting old.


The Mask (1994)

The Mask Netflix

Jim Carey plays a luckless bank clerk called Stanley Ipkiss who finds a magic mask which, when he puts it on, transforms him into a loud, annoying, creepy, but superpowered cartoon type character who is confident, forceful and who is able to engage with his crush, a young, fresh faced Cameron Diaz. This is a very Jim Carey-y movie, with loud, big slapstick comedy that made him incredibly famous in the ‘90s.


August 7th

Upgrade (2018)

Upgrade film Netflix 2018

Trey from the OC or Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is a technophobe who agrees to allow a chip to be implanted in his body because it will restore his bodily movement capability following being paralysed by injuries sustained during a mugging. There follows a cyber punk styled action film as we follow Grey as he sets out to avenge his wife’s death.


August 8th

Serial Killers with Piers Morgan (2020)

Serial Killers with Piers Morgan

I know Piers Morgan is literally one of the worst people to walk the earth, but he has made a film about intriguing people that promises to be interesting… Morgan interviews some of America’s most dangerous criminals in this limited series, probably not doing as good a job as Louis Theroux, yet serial killers are fascinating, to me at least, regardless of who interviews them.


Jackass: The Movie (2002)

Jackass The Movie

Isn’t it so bizarre how these shows used to be on absolutely everywhere all the time? I don’t think they’re on these days really, or maybe I have just completely missed them… Anyway, here we have a whole film of men doing completely unbelievable things in the name of having a laugh. Watching Jackass now can be pretty difficult sometimes because of how daring and dangerous some of the stunts are, but there is no doubt that the Jackass boys are brave!


Other releases

1 August

Blade: Trinity (2004)

Wesley Snipes stars in the third installment in this vampire-killing trilogy.

Deep Impact (1998)

science-fiction disaster film starring Robert Duvall Téa Leoni and Elijah Wood.

3 August

The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

Touching tale of identity and friendship starring Shia LeBeouf

14 August

Project Power (2020)

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levit are a great on-screen combination.

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