The No Majesty guide to internet trolls

A history of trolls, trolling, and its link to hacktivism and modern day politics.

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12 apps for learning something new in 2018

A list designed to eliminate all the storage space on your phone.

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The Year Ahead in Film: What to Watch in 2018

See what’s hitting the big screen in 2018.

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12 of the best shows to binge-watch on Amazon Prime right now

A list designed to steal 8 to 10 hours of your life.

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Avoid the bullshit: ten life hacks that will actually save you time

A list designed to get you some minutes of that precious life back.

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Is social media use fueling a rise in eating disorders?

‘Influencers’ who create false portrayals of physical beauty online have been blamed for an increase in eating disorders, especially orthorexia – an obsession with clean eating.

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