Your New Favourite Playlist: Songs for a Monday Morning

Songs for a Monday Morning Playlist

This playlist is curated by Leah Welch, Culture Editor at No Majesty.

Songs for a Monday Morning on Spotify.

Look okay, I get it: the weekend is nowhere near long enough and Friday night seems to basically melt into Monday morning. But, Mondays are a necessary evil, and this playlist is designed to make it all a bit easier at the start of the week. These aren’t just songs with Monday in the title, mind, these are tunes to actually jump-start your day.

So hit shuffle, and get ready to start your week right.


Years & Years – ‘King’

Years & Years make really brilliant melodic, beat-heavy music that is perfect for getting you out of bed with a bit of positivity that will hopefully inspire you to maintain that energy all day. This is a fun song to sing in the shower when you’re getting ready and it’ll stick in your head (til the next catchy tune anyway…)


ELO – ‘Mr Blue Sky’

Yes it’s a cliché and yes its maybe a bit over done BUT it is very nearly impossible to hear this song and still be in a bad mood in my personal experience. So, if you’ve woken up on the wrong side of bed then this is the song to cheer you up and get you going into your Monday feeling good.


The Coral – ‘Dreaming of You’

Another infectious and effective song. As soon as the rhythmic bass starts, it’s difficult not to move to the beat, which makes getting out of bed so much easier. This song was a huge hit when it came out and with good reason; it really emphasises a happy-go-lucky vibe, despite the lyrics which, when you listen closely, aren’t hugely cheerful. But the addictive sixties vibe makes up for that.


Kanye West – ‘Good Morning’


For anyone who’s ever struggled with the concept of getting up on time for class; this Kanye West anthem is the song you need as your alarm sound. It’s very memorable. Every time I see a sunrise, which is most days at the moment, I hear the ‘ooo’ sound from this song. Or ‘wake up Mr West, Mr West, Mr by-hisself-he-so-impressed…’


Wu-Tang Clan – ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ 

Not only is this track still so fresh and relevant even 25 years after its release, it’s also the motivational soundtrack you need on a Monday. If you ever needed some encouragement to go get your life and get that bread then the Wu Tang Clan are here to inspire you to get the money… Alternatively, if anyone wants to talk to me about Wu Tang Clan as a vehicle for hip-hop-izing Marxist ideology then hit me up cause I’d love to chat.  

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Black Hippy – ‘Rolling Stone’

Every track by this hip hop power group is excellent in my personal opinion but this one in particular which samples Time of the Season by The Zombies is going to gently ease tou into the week. It’s hip hop, with a sick beat but without aggression or anything too heavy going. Perfect to get you going in the morning.

The 88 – ‘How Good it Could Be’

Okay yes; one of the reasons this track is on this list is because of the episode of the OC where Seth comes downstairs with this song playing in the background. It is quintessentially morning-y and perfect to get you going after the weekend. Just channel Seth Cohen as you schmear your brekkie bagels.  


Local Natives – ‘Sunhands’

Somehow, this Californian four piece manage to make music that is equally as at home on a West Coast beach as in an urban high-rise overlooking city lights before the sky has brightened as in a cabin in the depths of a country valley. This track is a soaring epic that still manages not to compromise on the harmonies that are the band’s calling card.

Flyte – ‘Five Years’

I feel a bit bad about this because Flyte have plenty of their own original music which is excellent and I am here recommending a cover version of a Bowie song. But, this cover is better than the original. If your journey to work or anywhere on a monday morning involves negotiating pressing crowds in gridlocked cities then this track is for your playlist. After this, try listening to some of Flyte’s original music as well as their cover of River by Joni Mitchell. But not on your commute or you’ll end up crying on the tube.

The Beatles – ‘Blackbird’ 

So delicate, so gentle. This song is one of the most lovely ever written. It’s not exactly going to inspire you to leap out of bed full of energy but The Beatles will provide a little, precious, touch of poetry to your commute. Especially if you are lucky enough to be able to walk and take your time a bit. It’s a nice, quiet way to start your day.

Norah Jones – ‘Sunrise’

In a similar vein, Norah Jones’ gentle, melodic tune is a soothing soundtrack to your morning coffee routine, especially these dark mornings where most of us do actually catch the sun rising. This track appeared on her multi-platinum record Feels Like Home which is back to back beautiful jazzy country tracks to soundtrack your morning.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘Monday Morning’ 

I know you didn’t think I was going to leave this one out right? Listen to this if you want to pretend you’re in a waking up montage in a 90s movie or maybe a driving montage. Obviously the title of the song is very appropriate to the theme of this playlist but also, Fleetwood Mac are one of the all-time greatest bands ever so why wouldn’t you want to start your Monday with some bluesy rock vibes?

George Michael – ‘Faith’

This song is one of my favourite warm up songs, and getting up and out the house on a Monday isn’t too dissimilar to making myself work out… I defy anyone to not start shuffling as soon as they hear the ubiquitous intro. And you know George Michael would’ve killed it on the Monday morning motivation scene.

Dolly Parton – ‘9 to 5’

Of course this is on the playlist. Even if it’s just as a joke… Which frankly it shouldn’t be ‘cause Dolly is an icon and deserves to be worshipped. Either way, tell me this hasn’t ever run through your head as you’ve dashed through the doors and slid behind your desk at 8:59 am…

Beyoncé – ‘***Flawless’

From one icon to another, if you’ve ever needed a boost of self-esteem or a bit of motivation, Beyoncé and ***Flawless is exactly what you need. This song is a battle cry that samples Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s famous ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ speech and it never fails to feel powerful and inspirational no matter how many times you hear it. 

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