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Best new podcasts September

Another month, another batch of brilliant podcasts to get hooked on. Now that we’re allowed to leave our homes a little bit, but still not really able to travel internationally, it’s a brilliant opportunity to enjoy the amazing country we live in and capitalise on the staycay. And, other than a sick roadtrip playlist, podcasts are the perfect companion to a drive across the country. So, grab your bucket and spade and buckle up: here are the podcasts I’m listening to this month.


Life is Short with Justin Long

Life is Short with Justin Long

This isn’t a new podcast, in fact, recently, Justin and his brother who co-hosts the show with Justin celebrated a year on air. But it is one that I’ve only recently listened to much of. The series has a hint of Armchair Expert about it in that the main body of each episode is an interview with a guest and Justin and then he and Christian debrief at the end of the episode a la the Dax and Monica fact check.

I think there’s a certain influence from Marc Maron in there too, when Justin tries these monologues at the beginning of the episodes… Honestly, I’m not sure he is quite as engaging as Dax or quite as brave as Marc and the theme tune for the podcast series is SO annoying, BUT: Justin and his brother are very likeable and their relationship is sweet and Justin has some very cool guests including Abi Jacobson, Chelsea Handler and, one of my fave humans, Leslie Jordan.


Even the Rich

Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore Williams Even The Rich podcast

In this podcast, hosts Brooke and Aricia expose for us and discuss the wealthiest families in history. Not only the Murdochs, Gettys and Windsors but also the Carters, as in Bey and Jay. Such a fascinating concept and a really interesting series to listen to. It might seem distasteful to engage with wealth and money in such a voyeuristic way, but it is honestly so interesting finding out about the madness that goes along with unimaginable wealth.

American Elections: Wicked Game

American Elections Wicked Game

As the next American election approaches, politics are on lots of our minds, even those of us who aren’t able to vote in the US. This will be a landmark election. I mean, I guess all elections are to some extent but this one is really really important. This podcast series provides us with a thorough and comprehensive examination of every president and election that has gone before this one. Showing us that the desperation and fear lots of us feel around this election isn’t exactly a new phenomenon and we’re not the only generation who has been fearful for their futures based on the presidential victory that might potentially happen again this year.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Michelle Obama podcast

As if MY first lady was ever going to put out a podcast and I’d not mention it at literally every opportunity possible… Unsurprisingly, the Michelle Obama Podcast is a podcast hosted by the most elegant woman in the world: Michelle Obama. That is enough to draw me in personally, but even better, her first guest is her own husband, Barack Obama. The chance to listen to this, the definition of a power couple, in conversation is unmissable surely. Obama will also be interviewing celebrities and other people of interest including her own mother (I love it when hosts interview their own family). The podcast promises to cover a wide range of topics and it will be a really interesting place to learn from.

Code Switch

Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby Code Switch podcast

Code Switch is such an important podcast because it addresses really heavy going, important issues in an easily accessible way. I cannot stress how helpful this approach is when talking about things like systematic and aggressive racism because it makes it a topic that is less intimidating for us to learn about. Code Switch approaches things from a wide variety of perspectives, thinking about culture, history and political ideas that have contributed to, invented and exacerbated racism in the world.

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

About Race podcast

You know this name because Eddo-Lodge is the amazing woman who wrote that book every white liberal bought and performatively posted on their grid a couple of months ago when they were galvanised against racism for a minute: Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. This podcast is a detailed and unflinching examination of systemic British racism and multiculturalism in the UK, it keeps the conversation going and provides opportunity after opportunity for reflection and improvement.

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