Politics update: Corbyn resists calls to officially back second referendum, Home Office referred to watchdog over Windrush scandal

Politics update 01.05.2019

Corbyn resists calls for party to officially back second referendum

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has angered remain supporters by facing down a calls from many Labour MPs, led by his deputy Tom Watson, for the party to officially back a second Brexit referendum.

More than 100 Labour MPs wrote to the party’s national executive committee this week, of which Corbyn is a member, urging them to demand a fresh vote under any circumstances.

However, after meeting this week to decide on the first draft of the party’s European election campaign, the committee sparked a backlash by saying it would be “fully in line” with its longstanding policy on a second referendum.

Many remain supporting MPs reacted angrily to the decision. Labour MP Bridget Phillipson: said: “The manifesto’s mealy-mouthed wording still maintains the fiction that there is a deal out there that can satisfy all the promises made three years ago, avoid real costs to jobs and living standards, or end the endless crisis around Brexit.

“This means Labour risks demoralising activists, depressing turnout among supporters and decreasing the share of the vote for candidates who – like the overwhelming majority of our party – are fighting for a people’s vote on any Brexit deal.”

Trump unlikely to address parliament on state visit

Theresa May Donald Trump

Government sources have reportedly suggested that Donald Trump will not be requested to address parliament when he makes a state visit to the UK in June.

The possibility of the US president addressing parliament caused a stir amongst many MPs, as well, as Commons speaker John Bercow, who said in 2017 that he would oppose Trump addressing parliament.

Trump is due to visit the UK from 3 June to 6 June. Anti-Trump campaigners have already called for a gathering on 4 June, where a bigger version of the ‘Trump baby’ blimp – seen during the president’s visit to the UK last year – is expected to fly above parliament.

MPs refer Home Office to equalities watchdog over Windrush scandal

A group of 87 MPs have referred the Home Office to the equalities watchdog over the Windrush scandal, accusing it of breaking equalities law.

The group said that the Home Office had carried out unlawful discrimination as a “direct result” of its so called hostile environment policies, brought into effect whilst Theresa May was home secretary.

The windrush scandal, first revealed in January, saw many citizens of the ‘windrush generation’ wrongly detained,denied legal rights, and deported from the UK.

In a statement released this week, the home office said it was “committed to righting the wrongs experienced by the Windrush generation”.

Corbyn urges MPs to ‘do their duty’ on climate change

Jeremy Corbyn will urge MPs to do their “historic duty” on climate change, in an opening speech to the Commons on Wednesday.

“Today this house must declare an environment and climate emergency,” he will say, according to extracts of the speech given to the Guardian newspaper.

“We have no time to waste. We are living in a climate crisis that will spiral dangerously out of control unless we take rapid and dramatic action now.”

The speech comes after weeks of protests from campaign groups such as extinction rebellion, which have brought London to a standstill and helped the climate cause travel up the agenda of many MPs and their parties.

Continuing, Corbyn will say: “I was deeply moved a few weeks ago to see the streets outside this parliament filled with colour and noise by children on strike from school chanting, ‘Our planet, our future’,” he will say.

“For someone of my generation, it was inspiring but also humbling that children felt they had to leave school to teach the adults a lesson. The truth is, they are ahead of the politicians on this, the most important issue of our times.”

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