Politics update: May calls cabinet crisis meeting, after MPs reject alternative Brexit options for second time


MPs reject indicative votes for a second time


Theresa May will chair a lengthy cabinet meeting today to decide the next steps for Brexit, after MPs voted against every alternative brought forward in the Commons last night.

The indicative votes, including a proposal for a customs union and a second referendum, were all rejected in the Commons on Monday, leaving no clear path ahead.

At the planned five-hour meeting with her cabinet, the prime minister is expected to discuss the possibility of calling an early general election, along with a further delay to the Brexit process.

Nick Boles, whose ‘common market 2.0’ proposal failed to reach majority support, resigned from the Conservative party to sit as an independent MP.

“This house has continuously rejected leaving without a deal, just as it has rejected not leaving at all. Therefore the only option is to find a way through which allows the UK to leave with a deal,” he said.

The results of the indicative votes

Indicative Votes Second Time

What were the alternatives that MPs rejected on Monday night?

Parliamentary supremacy

Who backed it?

SNP MP Joanna Cherry, former Tory attorney general Dominic Grieve, and others

What did it call for?

An extension to the Brexit process, and if this is not possible, then MPs should choose between no-deal or revoking article 50 – cancelling Brexit.

What was the result?

191 for, 292 against.

‘Common market 2.0’

Who backed it?

Conservatives Nick Boles, Robert Halfon and Dame Caroline Spelman, Labour’s Stephen Kinnock and Lucy Powell, and the SNP’s Stewart Hosie.

What did it call for?

A confirmatory referendum, giving the public a vote to approve any Brexit deal passed by MPs before implementing.

What was the result?

261 for, 282 against.

Customs Union

Who backed it?

Tory former chancellor Ken Clarke.

What did it call for?

And Brexit deal must include the intention to negotiate a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU”.

What was the result?

273 for, 276 against.

Confirmatory public vote

Who backed it?

Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson.

What did it call for?

A public vote on any Brexit deal which wins support in the Commons before implementing.

What was the result?

268 for, 295 against.

Semi-naked protesters interrupt Brexit debate


The debate on alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Monday was interrupted by semi-naked activists, protesting climate change.

As MPs debated alternatives to the prime minister’s deal, activists from campaign group Extinction Rebellion glued their hands to the glass of the public gallery with their buttocks facing the chamber. They remained for around twenty minutes before being removed.

The activists, from campaign group Extinction Rebellion had slogans such as “for all life” and “SOS” daubed on their chests, and two painted themselves in grey paint and wore elephant masks for the stunt.

After the stunt the police announced that the activists had been arrested “for outraging ublic decency.”

“By undressing in parliament, we are putting ourselves in an incredibly vulnerable position, highlighting the vulnerability that all of us share in the face of environmental and societal breakdown,” one protester said.

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