Politics update: Tories and Labour lose seats in local elections, as Liberal Democrats see record gains

Politics Update 03.05.2019

Tories and Labour lose seats across the country in local elections

UK Local Elections 2019

The Liberal Democrats have made the biggest gains the party has seen in years, after the Conservatives and Labour lost seats in local election across the country.

More than 8,000 local seats were up for grabs in the local elections on Thursday, one of the first significant public votes to take place since the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and the extension of article 50.

Thought the count is still ongoing, early results have shown the Conservatives are the worst hit, losing 386 seats across English councils by the morning count, with Labour losing 60 seats. The Liberal Democrats have gained 261 seats.

At the time of writing, there are still 140 seats to be declared.

“I always said this would be a tough night for us [and] it has been a tough night,” Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable told Sky News. “The frustration that our candidates, our activists and of course the pubic rightly have that parliamentarians have hit on this impasse – we’ve got to deliver on that.”

Britons less trusting of social media platforms, study shows

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

A new study has shown that Britons are less trusting of social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter than many other major countries.

The YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project, which polled more than 25,000 people from 23 countries, on a range of topics including populism, globalism and technology, showed that more than four in five Britons distrust major social media platforms.

In contrast, Britons said that the main sources of information that they did trust were national TV news channels, and local news channels – both were the only sources of information which were trusted by a majority of British respondents.

The analysis also revealed that many Britons favour stronger regulation of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech giants, who have seen controversy in recent years over privacy breaches and tax scandals.

Gavin Williamson pushes back after resignation

Politics update 02.05.2019

Gavin Williamson has hit back after being forced to resign over the Huawei leak, saying the scandal was handled by Downing Street in a “haphazard way”.

Williamson, who was sacked from his post as defence secretary by Theresa May over the Huawei leak scandal this week, has reportedly complained to his friends that he was forced out because of the information he had voluntarily given over to those at Downing Street handling the inquiry.

An urgent question was raised by the opposition in the House of Commons on Thursday, demanding an answer in the fallout of Williamson’s sacking, which left many calling for a formal police investigation to take place.

Responding to the urgent question, the government minister David Lidington told MPs: “The prime minister has said she now considers that this matter has been closed and the cabinet secretary does not consider it necessary to refer it to the police.”

Tommy Robinson’s social media mishaps continue

Tommy Robinson

Rightwing activist Tommy Robinson has had a tough week in terms of publicity, with two members of the public throwing milkshake over him as he conducted a series of public walkabouts.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, announced his intention to run as an MEP in his North West England constituency last week, pledging to represent “the working class of England”.

However, whilst conducting a series of interviews with passers by in areas in England this week, Robinson was hit twice by members of the public throwing milkshake over him, in footage which was promptly shared across social media.

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