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Politics update: reforming the Home Office, paying for the NHS

Politics update: reforming the Home Office, paying for the NHS

Politics update 26.04.2019


MPs call for ‘total reform’ of Home Office after Windrush

A report from the home affairs select committee has shown that the home office is ‘in need of root and branch reform’, and that the removal of legal aid for immigration cases along with the general hostile environment policies meant Windrush citizens were unable to get help when they were classified as illegal immigrants.

Perhaps the most notable part of the report reads: “The hostile environment policy places a huge administrative burden and cost on many parts of society, without any clear evidence of its effectiveness but with numerous examples of mistakes made and significant distress caused. We question whether the hostile environment should continue in anything like its current form. Simply rebranding it as the ‘compliant’ environment is a meaningless response to genuine concerns,”

The Windrush scandal threw the ‘hostile environment’ seen enacted under Theresa May’s home office into scrutiny this year, and resulted in the resignation of home secretary Amber Rudd.

Current home secretary Sajid Javid has promised to provide figures next month for how many Windrush citizens were wrongfully detained, having already revealed that 63 were already mistakenly deported.

Poll puts Sajid Javid as top choice for next leader

Speaking of Sajid Javid, a new poll by site ConservativeHome has put Javid as the favourite for next tory leader, surpassing Michael Gove and Jacob Rees Mogg. Javid had only 2% of support three months ago, whereas the recent poll of 1,107 members puts him at 22%.

See the full poll below.

Paying for the NHS through other means

Senior government sources have told the Guardian that the eight year-long freeze on fuel duty will be lifted in order to facilitate larger public spending whilst continuing to reduce the deficit.

Theresa May has promised £400m extra in weekly NHS spending within five years, and said this will be partly funded through a ‘Brexit dividend’, though this has been met with scepticism from Labour and reportedly some Tory MPs.

More opinions on Brexit

As the Prime Minister prepares for yet another meeting with her top team at her Chequers residence on Friday, senior tories are still delivering strong messages to the PM’s warring cabinet to get on with the job and answer key questions on Brexit.

Former Conservative leader William Hague has issued a warning to cabinet ministers not to push the hard Brexit message too far, whilst the women and equalities minister Penny Mordaunt has told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that “people want us to focus on the job and they want us to get on and put all of our energy into getting a good deal”.

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