Politics update: May’s leadership at risk as MPs rally against her Brexit deal

Politics update 29.03.2019

Good morning. Here’s your Politics Update for 6th December:

Government publishes full legal advice after being found in contempt of parliament

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox Brexit Advice

Theresa May’s government has finally published the full legal advice on Brexit it received from the attorney general, after a vote by MPs found that it was in contempt of parliament by not doing so.

The advice, given by attorney general Geoffrey Cox, was published in full on Wednesday, and carried with it the warning that the UK could be trapped in “protracted and repeated rounds of negotiations” in the years ahead, due to the backstop arrangement.

MPs who are opposed to May’s Brexit deal are even more aggressive in their convictions since the publication of the advice, which confirms the worse fears of staunch Brexiters in the Conservative party.

The Brexit deal will be voted on by MPs on 11 December, and recent revelations like this from the attorney general could seriously damage May’s deal, which has already taken quite a beating.

May’s leadership at risk again


Senior Tories believe that Theresa May’s leadership is under threat now more than ever, in light of the recent Brexit drama and a potential Commons humiliation.

As the 11 December date draws nearer, and MPs prepare to have their say on May’s Brexit deal, senior figures, including several from the European Research Group, insist May will have no choice but to stand down should her deal be rejected by parliament.

European Research Group (ERG) member Steve Double said: “She is responsible for [the deal] and therefore sadly it appears the only way to change course is to change the leader.”

When May’s Brexit deal was first revealed, severa ministers resigned within 24 hours, and ERG leader Jacob Rees-Mogg very publicly submitted a letter of no-confidence in the prime minister, prompting others to do so. It is not clear how many letters have been submitted to the party chair – 48 are needed for a contest – but recent concerns from the party are likely to lead to more.

Sajid Javid warns of security risk if May’s deal is rejected

Sajid Javid House of Commons

The home secretary Sajid Javid has warned MPs of the potential security risks faced by Britain, if they vote down May’s Brexit deal and cause a no-deal Brexit.

In an extraordinary move to defend the prime minister, Javid said that whilst her deal was not “perfect in every sense”, a no-deal Brexit would cause a “immediate and probably indefinite loss of some security capability”

His comment came shortly after he told MPs in the Commons that freedom of movement would end, “deal or no deal”, after Britain leaves the European Union, suggesting that immigration restrictions would follow regardless of the survival of the prime minister’s deal after the ‘meaningful vote’ on 11 December.

In the papers

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