Politics update: May pushes back against second referendum, as Tory MPs consider other options for Brexit


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May battles against second referendum idea

Politics Update 26.11.2018 May Brexit EU

Theresa May will use a statement to MPs on Monday to hit back at the possibility of a fresh Brexit referendum, by urging MPs not to “break faith with the British people” by allowing a second referendum to take place.

After Downing Street was forced to deny claims that the government was drawing up plans for a second referendum, May will now use her address to MPs to reassure them of her unwavering focus on the deal currently on the table.

The prime minister’s statement on Monday is primarily intended to update parliament on last week’s EU summit, where she failed to gain legal reassurances from leaders on the Irish backstop measure.

May and Blair’s war of words

Tony Blair Web Summit

Theresa May and Tony Blair hit out at each other over the weekend, after May responded to the former prime minister’s call for a fresh Brexit referendum.

Speaking on Saturday, May accused Blair of “undermining” the Brexit talks by calling for another referendum.

May said: “For Tony Blair to go to Brussels and seek to undermine our negotiations by advocating for a second referendum is an insult to the office he once held and the people he once served.”

Tony Blair’s office published a statement on Sunday saying it was “not irresponsible or insulting to put forward an alternative way to achieve resolution” since it was “perfectly clear neither the British people nor their parliament will unite behind the prime minister’s deal”.


Home secretary to announce plans to cut EU migration by 80 per cent

Sajid David


The home secretary is expected to publish plans to cut European immigration by 80 per cent after Brexit this week, according to reports published in the Independent.

Sajid Javid will publish plans to end free movement and preferential treatment towards EU migrants after December 2020, which is expected to reduce the number of EU migrants entering Britain to around 10,000 a year.

A source told the paper: “We are going to take full control over who can come to the UK, prioritising those with the skills the UK needs rather than on the basis of which country they come from.”

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