Politics update: Leaked memo shows Irish border technology is decade away, May considers delaying Queen’s Speech

Theresa May

May could delay Queen’s Speech due to Brexit

Theresa May

Theresa May could delay the Queen’s Speech until later this year, due to the ongoing Brexit process consuming parliament.

The prime minister could put off the Queen’s speech, which sets out the government’s legislative agenda, even though the two-year session of parliament officially comes to an end in June.

A Downing Street source said on Wednesday: “There’s no obligation to have one at a fixed point and there’s no immediate plans to bring forward a Queen’s speech.”

However, many believe that the prime minister may be withholding the Queen’s Speech because she fears she might not be able to gather enough votes to get it through Parliament – the many MPs who oppose her Brexit plans could vote it down in order to display no confidence.

Backbenchers warn Corbyn: Support second referendum to stop Farage win

Jeremy Corbyn

Fearful senior MPs in the Labour party have warned Jeremy Corbyn that he must back a second Brexit referendum to stop Nigel Farage’s party winning in the EU elections.

A recent survey gave Farage’s Brexit Party a five-point lead over Labour in the EU elections, though pledging support for a second referendum is estimated to close the gap to only three points.

Labour MP and former leadership contender Owen Smith told the Independent newspaper: “It’s very clear that Labour is losing support among our voters because the leadership has refused to give unambiguous support to a people’s vote on Brexit.

“We should never forget that the majority of Labour supporters voted Remain in 2016 and if we want to beat the Brexit parties we have to honour their views.”

Leaked memo shows Irish border technology is at least a decade away

A technological solution to keeping the Irish border open after Brexit is at least ten years away, according to a document leaked from the Home Office.

Many pro-Brexit MPs have long argued that the Northern Ireland border could be kept open using a hi-tech solution  if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal – removing the need for the controversial backstop arrangement.

The leaked memo reads: “If all these technologies are brought together this could allow a seamless collection and analysis of the data needed. It would also provide the ability to target interventions away from the border itself.”

It also warns of the complexity of finding a solution, saying:  “The challenges of this work cannot be underestimated… No government worldwide currently controls different customs arrangements with no physical infrastructure present at the border.”

Extinction rebellion target Corbyn and rail network on day three

Activists from Extinction Rebellion and other protest groups targeted the home of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and London’s rail network on day three of the protest which has brought some areas of the capital to a standstill.

Over 100 people were arrested on Wednesday after protesters caused major delays around London by forming roadblocks and some going as far as gluing themselves to a train at Canary Wharf station, causing delays.

Four protesters glued their hands together and chained themselves to a fence outside Corbyn’s house, telling reporters the Labour leader was “the best hope this country has got” to tackle the climate crisis, adding that they were there to “support him” to go further.

Pictures from the Protest

Extinction Rebellion London
London Environment Protesters
London Environmental Activists Art
Extinction Rebellion London

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