Politics update: Rees-Mogg tells Tories to stop May before next election, Sturgeon calls for Commons support to beat May’s deal

Politics Update 20.11.2018 Jacob Rees Mogg European Research Group Brexit

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Jacob Rees-Mogg: get rid of May or she will lead us into next election

Jacob Rees Mogg European Research Group

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned Tory colleagues to topple Theresa May, or else she will “lead the Conservatives into the next election.”

Speaking at a press conference for the European Research Group on Tuesday, Rees-Mogg urged colleagues in his party to seize the opportunity to unseat May, claiming that few MPs would want to see her run at the next general election

Speaking on Tuesday, Rees-Mogg said: “I think it is now or the prime minister will lead the Conservatives into the next election. You find MPs privately who will say to you they think that is a really good idea in any number and I would be quite surprised.”

The prime minister’s Brexit plan was thrown into chaos last week, after the draft withdrawal agreement reached with the EU was opposed from all sides, leading to Rees-Mogg publicly submitting a letter of no-confidence.

Asked in an interview with Sky on Sunday what she thought of dissenters looking to replace her in her own party, the prime minister said: “It is not going to make the [Brexit] negotiations any easier and it won’t change the parliamentary arithmetic.”

Sturgeon urges Tory remainers to help beat May’s deal

Nicola Sturgeon Soft Brexit

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has urged Conservative remainer MPs to help push a ‘soft Brexit’ through the House of Commons, telling Tory backbenchers that they have a “role to play” in building a ‘coalition’ to drive a soft Brexit deal.

Sturgeon indicated that an alliance of opposition parties was possible, suggesting that parties would look at the Norway model, long-supported by many Conservative backbenchers, including former ministers Nick Boles, Nicky Morgan and George Freeman.

According to reports from the Guardian, MPs from the SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrats have all had talks with Tory remainers, to discuss voting down Theresa May’s deal when it reaches parliament, and the possible alternatives to what is currently on the table.

After meeting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last week, after May’s controversial withdrawal agreement had been announced, Sturgeon told reporters: “In terms of the softer remain elements of the Conservatives, I think they have a role to play in putting that majority together.”

Terror victims ‘routinely let down’ by mental health services, according to report

London Bridge Terror Attack June 2017

The London Bridge terror attack in June 2017

A survey by the group Survivors Against Terror has revealed that mental health services are repeatedly failing many victims of terror attacks.

The large-scale survey shows that hundreds of victims of terror attacks say they have been left without support for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of a “profound crisis” in mental health services.

Some victims who have been caught in terror attacks in London, Manchester and overseas, say that they have faced year-long waits for NHS support, with some having to seek private-treatment to cope with their psychological trauma.

“Government promises survivors they will be looked after, but this survey shows that when it comes to mental health services they are being routinely let down,” said Charlotte Dixon Sutcliffe, chair of Survivors Against Terror, whose husband died in the Brussels metro bombing in March 2016.

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