Politics update: Brexit talks see possible compromise, Labour MPs demand second referendum

Politics Update 30.04.2019

Both sides hint at progress in Brexit talks

Cross-party talks aimed at breaking the Brexit deadlock have reached the “nuts and bolts” phase where a compromise is possible, according to Labour’s Sue Hayman.

The discussions are reportedly striking a positive tone on both sides, in a marked contrast to last week, when Labour MPs suggested that the prime minister’s red lines were preventing the talks from moving forward.

Conservative minister David Lidington, who has led the cross-party talks for the government, said this week that he was encouraged by the “need to inject greater urgency”.

The prime minister’s spokesman said this week that there was “still a prospect of reaching a single position to put to parliament”, but added that May would then look to bring forward “a small number of votes to try and find a way through parliament”.

Labour leadership faces pressure on second referendum

The Labour party is preparing for a standoff with members over whether or not to officially support a second referendum, as MPs call for the party to support their European election manifesto calling for for second vote on any Brexit deal.

The party’s governing body will meet this week to agree to their draft manifesto, with the draft by Labour’s policy chief Andrew Fisher calling for a confirmatory referendum.

According to the Guardian newspaper, party sources say Labour is likely to settle on a compromise, supporting a public vote in order to block Theresa May’s deal, and avoid no-deal, a decision which is described as “the path of least resistance”.

However, more than 100 Labour MPs have written to the national executive committee’s members – who include Jeremy Corbyn – urging them to demand a fresh vote under any circumstances.

Momentum join Extinction Rebellion for protests

Momentum will join forces with Extinction Rebellion and the youth climate strikers on Wednesday, to stage a protest outside parliament.

Laura Parker, a spokesperson for Momentum, said on Monday: “It’s disgraceful that Theresa May has sat on her hands, refused to meet the climate strikers and ignored the huge public outcry about the climate crisis,”

“Climate change isn’t caused by ordinary people. It’s caused by elite politicians, oil executives and bankers who all profit from causing climate breakdown.”

She added: “Only Labour can challenge this climate-wrecking elite and deliver a green industrial revolution, which will mitigate climate breakdown whilst transforming our economy and society in the interests of the many, not the few.”

Website shows which local parties support a second referendum

Organisers of the People’s Vote campaign have set up a website which allows users to find out if the parties in their constituency support a second Brexit referendum.

The website allows users to enter their postcode, before displaying which parties currently supports a second referendum, parties which do not, and which parties have yet to announce their support for a second referendum.

The organisers say that the website will apply pressure to Labour to officially back a fresh referendum.

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