Analysis of world events.

Why is London So Expensive
The real cost of London life

London’s cost of living runs deep, and that’s no accident.

What is Defund the Police
What does the ‘Defunding the Police’ mean?

Explaining the often-misunderstood movement that has gained more attention in recent weeks than ever before.

Environment post lockdown
Environment update: positive changes, but is this enough?

After more than three months in lockdown, what state is our environment in, and what happens next?

Should Musicians Be Involved in Politics
Should musicians get involved in politics?

There’s a short answer, and a much longer one.

Political Art 2020
How has political art moved into the new decade?

What does political art look like now? Or, is all art political?

UK Surveillance
The state of mass surveillance

Is it time to think differently about the accepted level of snooping?

Understanding This Pain
Understanding this pain

Some words on the killing of George Floyd, and understanding protests.

How safe is London
Fact check: How safe is London?

Taking a closer look at the capital’s crime stats, and how they relate to practical, everyday life.

Britain High Street Shops Lockdown
Britain is missing its high street more than ever

Non-essential shops have been shut for 6 weeks now, and they’re sorely missed.