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Some Brief Words on the US Presidential Election Results.

Some Brief Words on the US Presidential Election Results.


For the past year (and some time prior), two American adults have grown and nurtured two very different projects.

One of them is on a journey of realising ambition. They are now at the final milestone of an uphill battle in which there have been numerous losses, exposures, ugly truths and even more untruths.

The other is nearing the final goal of a monopoly. Having built a world of luxury and excess that bears their name, they now seek to strengthen their brand from the highest office in the modern world.

This year has seen these two figures use every tactic at hand to make their stories relatable to as many American citizens as possible. This has meant producing every emotion required from pride, to hope, and most notably, fear, in order to make a connection.One emotion remains absent in this race, and it is excitement.

The choice, is no kind of choice at all. No living American has had to make a choice at the ballot based on so little positivity, and with so much at stake.

Both candidates call for more security, of borders and banks, in a century where both are any political campaign’s cornerstone. However, one hides essential information from authorities, whilst the other threatens to open the door to dictators from overseas.

Now that America, and the world, had seen their true colours, the question is this: what qualities in a candidate does the majority crave most? Experience, exuberance, eloquence, honesty, patience, efficiency, fairness, forcefulness.

After a year full of unforeseen upsets on our political landscape, what does tomorrow bring?

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