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Alternative Oscars 2018

No Majesty’s Alternative Oscars 2018

YES! It’s time for the big daddy of awards, the 90th Academy Awards. There were a few nice surprises in this year’s Oscar nominations, but as always a fair few awards have left out very deserving nominees. We at No Majesty present to you alternative

Films 2018 What to Watch

The Year Ahead in Film: What to Watch in 2018

Christmas is long gone, the new year has begun and with that we definitely look forward to what films are coming out in 2018; there’s big movies, small movies, some no one asked for (we’re looking at you Death Wish). But even so, we at


Ten of the Best: Films of 2017

The end of the year generally means looking back at what’s happened, and trying to find meaning in the madness of the previous twelve months. On the film front, there have been some brilliant works out from January through to December, so let us give

Social Media Eating Disorders Instagram

Is social media use fueling a rise in eating disorders?

Social media celebrities, or ‘influencers’, especially those who portray an unrealistic expectation of physical beauty, have been blamed for creating eating disorders in some people, including ‘orthorexia’. Are disorders on the rise? Is social media partly to blame, or are other factors at play? Another