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Politics update: temporary Brexit, scrapped bridges

Brexit for the time being Today, ministers hope to secure a temporary arrangement with the European Union, allowing Britain to maintain cross border trading for a period of time after Brexit. Amid numerous talks of economic disruption from political commentators, ministers hope that securing a


Social Media is changing politics as we know it

I’m voting Facebook! In many ways, social media is currently ruling modern life. We can all pretend it doesn’t affect us, but deep down we know that it’s almost impossible to resist seeking out those little red notifications that give us such joy in our


How The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Became Reality

Deliberately blurring critical distinctions, whilst appearing to be open and straightforward, is one of the right wing populist’s most potent weapons. Populist demagogues in the age of anti-establishment anger have ruthlessly exploited the language around ‘elites’ to great effect. Riding on the backs of real